#ThrowbackThursday: 13 Amazing Humans We Met through Humans of Hajj

Hajj- where everyone wears white and the colour of your skin, or your status doesn't matter.

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Humans of Hajj is a spinoff of the Humans of New York Facebook page, and has been giving inspiration and insights to the lives and stories of the pilgrims there, and those who work in Makkah.


Many of us are yet to receive the invitation to perform Hajj, so here is a little throwback for us to look at these pilgrims and let their lessons sink in to our hearts. May we all be able to perform our Hajj soon, InshaAllah.

1. The man who sews the cloth hung inside the walls of the Ka’abah, but has never entered it to see his work.




2. The women who communicate with their hearts through their faith.




3. The man who honours the people who led him to Medina, by sitting at the same spot every time he goes to the mosque there.




4. The boy whose passion is to serve water to Hajj pilgrims.




5. The Goan who moved to Mekah to work in the hotel business without being surrounded by alcohol.




6. The Burmese boy who collect funds for his studies, by getting people to weigh themselves for 1 riyal each time.



7. The Bangladeshi father who misses his children.



8. The Afghan who fought tooth and nail to get to Mekah.





9. The woman who’s scared of getting lost, but knows she’s not alone.





10. The man with poor memory but has a true friend.



Quoted from the Facebook page, “Every person has a story, you just have to hear it.”

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