2015 Moments That Restored Our Faith in Humanity

A wonderful year for humanity, Alhamdulillah.

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1- Sikh Man Removed His Turban To Save A Child

Sikh Man Removing His Turban

Harman Singh Removing His Turban

Turban has an immense spiritual and temporal significance for Sikhs as part of their religion and faith. The symbolisms of wearing a turban are many. It is regarded as a symbol of sovereignty, dedication, self-respect, courage and piety, but the main reason all practicing Sikhs wear the turban is just – out of love and obedience to the wishes of the founders of their faith. Harman Singh, a 22 years old took off his turban to help a child who was bleeding after a car accident. This picture represent solidarity among humans and it shows that no matter what religion you follow or what faith you believe in, a human life is worth more than all that. The hospital reported that the child was in a stable condition.


2- Interfaith Langar Inside Jama Masjid

Sikh Langar Inside Jama Masjid

Sikh Langar Inside Jama Masjid

India is known as the land of magnificent diversity, despite the incidents of discord among some. A langar (free kitchen) was organized by a group of people with different faiths and religions inside a historical mosque, Jama Masjid, in Ludhiana, Punjab. The event showed the solidarity among people who believe in different Gods and follow different ways of worship including Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Hindus serving and eating together. Watching the video is going to restore your faith in humanity and remind you that communal harmony is not a forgotten concept between humans.


3- Rescuers Saved Baby Pulled From Nepal Earthquake Rubble

Nepal baby pulled from pulled

Nepal baby pulled from pulled

The 7.8 earthquake that hit Nepal this year caused a huge loss where 5,500 people were killed and more than twice that number were injured. Surprisingly, an infant name Sonies was rescued after 22 hours of being buried under the rubble of their destroyed home thanks to the amazing efforts of the rescuers. SubhanAllah, nothing happened to the child except for some minor bruising and small cuts on his thigh.


4- Many Countries Openly Welcomed Refugees

Australian family welcoming refugees

Australian family welcoming refugees

The war in Syria has been going on for more than 4 years and it does not seem to be ending soon. During the end of September this year, many countries have opened their doors for the Syrian refugees who escaped from the nightmare they lived during that time. Countries such as Canada, Australia, Germany and other European countries have shown their greetings and welcomes to the refugees by different ways, such as offering shelter, food and clothes.


5- Australian Man Helped An Indian girl And Saved Her Future

gathered pictures from the trip to India

gathered pictures from the trip to India. Image Source: India

Chris Bray and Jess, two Australian citizens took a flight all the way from Sydney, Australia to Vadodara, India to help the little girl in the above picture and her family to get accommodation and secure the young girl’s education. A picture which was taken by Dick Smith of the little girl wearing nothing but a pink bracelet motivated Chris Bray to find and help the little girl who lived with her family under a train bridge in India. This is such an amazing story that will restore your faith in humanity.


Written by Khulood Algafri.
Featured Image Source: Darkmoon
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