5 Benefits of Learning More Than One Language

Why stick to one language when you can learn more?

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Annyeong haseyo, Ohayou gozaimasu, Sabahu al-khayr, Good morning, Buenos Dias, Guten Morgen and Bonjour! Wow, that’s a lot of languages!


Learning more than one language is not only challenging and requires a lot of discipline and dedication for being consistent, it is also super fun. Imagine going abroad and being able to converse with the locals! Not to mention being able to understand a Korean or Japanese or French drama when things go wrong with the subtitles!


Likewise, try to picture yourself being able to use different languages just to describe one thing! How cool is that? To not learn a second language, given the great capacity of our brain would be such a waste. There are really a lot of benefits in learning more than one language. Check out this video!

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Now that you know, other than physical body workout, a mental workout is also important. It increases grey matter volume (neurons cell body and dendrites) which in turn could keep our brain healthy, improves the capacity to focus and increase cultural awareness.

Let’s explore the 5 benefits of learning more than one language!

  1. More job opportunities

Language skills enable you to outshine other applicants! Why? This is because nowadays, more companies are aiming for a bigger market which includes various countries around the world and you’ll have the golden ticket!


  1. Brain empowerment

As mentioned previously, learning and speaking a second language keeps your brain healthy. Studies have shown that those who are bilingual and multilingual have improved cognitive performance. This includes having a longer attention span, improved capability to memorize and most importantly a minimized risk for age-associated cognitive decline.


  1. Higher chance to meet more interesting people

Learning other languages basically makes you someone who is very much interesting! Believe it or not, you would appear to be smarter and more approachable. Also, it actually shows your effort and dedication in wanting to converse with people of different countries and cultures! Of course English is the second most familiar language in the world, but hey! You’ll be thrilled to know that happiness when you get to connect with people while using different languages! Why be ordinary when we can strive to be extraordinary right?


  1. Staying sharp at all times

Being bilingual or multilingual helps you to stay sharp at all times. Especially when you go travelling overseas. Instead of appearing to be the “obvious tourists”, you could maybe try blending in the best you can. Try to respond confidently (even a simple Gracias, Arigatou or asking how much it is) so that you won’t get scammed or anything. It also helps you to not easily get lost. The best part is, if you’re lucky, you can get a discount for speaking the locals’ language.


  1. Improve cultural awareness

Well, if it isn’t among the most important benefits you’ll get by getting to know other languages Through learning da different language, you will also get the chance to learn about the respective cultures. Things like the way they talk to adults, celebrate special occasions, show appreciation to other people and many more. Being introduced to different cultures could help you see things from another perspective and you’ll also get a better picture of your own culture.


Although some studies have shown that the best age to learn a second language is around 10 years old, you should never give up on learning. There’s still time to improve your language skills and explore the beauty of language diversity. Plus, you’ll never know which door of opportunity will open with the amazing skill.

And of His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your languages and your colors. Indeed in that are signs for those of knowledge”.(Al-Rum, 30:22)




Content from: Fluent in 3 months, Newsweek

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