5 Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam Songs to Uplift Your Soul

The message of belief, love, and peace in his songs are timeless.

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Take a trip down memory lane filled with gems of uplifting music by Yusuf Islam, also known as Cat Stevens. He is definitely one of the most prominent Muslim figures of our time, with incredible talent that he uses to convey beautiful messages. His music has the power to uplift any soul that is on a spiritual journey of self-discovery.

The message of belief, love, and peace in his songs are timeless. It was hard to choose just 5 songs, but here they are! These, any many other songs of his, speak straight to the soul—regardless of the time you may be born in.

1. Moonshadow

Cat/Yusuf’s 1971 song, Moonshadow, challenges us to look at the positive side of life. The bad times in life are inevitable. There really is nothing we can do to avoid them but we can choose how to react to them.

This song calls us to have a paradigm shift in how we view our adversities in life. Understand that every time we lose something we love in life we also lose the baggage that comes with them. Not everything we love is necessarily good for us.

“And if I ever lose my eyes, if my colors all run dry,

Yes if I ever lose my eyes, Oh if I won’t have to cry no more.”

2. Don’t Be Shy

People sometimes mix up being humble as the same with being fearful. Fear can lead to inaction. You cannot contribute to the world in a state of inaction.

The song Don’t Be Shy is about finding the courage in ourselves to send love out to the world. Having love in our heart means we can contribute to the world in a positive way.

“Don’t be shy just let your feelings roll on by

Don’t wear fear or nobody will know you’re there

Just lift your head and let your feelings out instead

And don’t be shy, just let your feeling roll on by”


3. Peace Train

Each day as we look at the news we’ll see chaos after chaos. Peace in our time seems impossible on some days. I find myself feeling helpless every time I learn about the conflicts that are happening around us. This song has taught me that the peace train we need to get on in life is the one that leads to our inner peace.

Peace can only be attained in the world through individuals who form together to make the world a better place. We may not be able to change how the world is running at the moment but we can definitely make it a better place with our family and friends. By collectively being conscious individuals and serving each other.

“Get your bags together

Come bring your good friends too

Because it’s getting nearer

Soon it will be with you

Come and join the living

It’s not so far from you

And it’s getting nearer

Soon it will all be true”


4. If You Want To Sing Out

“There are as many paths to God as there are Souls on Earth” 

This song captures the spirit of the above quote by Rumi. When it comes to deciding on our path to the truth it seems that the options are limitless. When you look at those who found their path in life and compare their notes it can seem contradictory. This is because there are many paths to the truth.

This song by Cat/Yusuf is calling for us to consider all the available options. Nobody’s journey is ever identical with another. The path we take can be similar but they are uniquely our own. The choice is entirely up to us on which path to take.

“And if you want to live high, live high

And if you want to live low, live low

Cause there’s a million ways to go

You know that there are”


5. God is the Light

There is no better way to uplift your soul than looking at the beauty God has created around us. Connecting with nature, and observing his creations is one of the most effective ways to feel better on bad days.

The beauty God created is not just in the nature around us but also in the work achieved by men as well. Know that Allah created us all, and therefore the good work that comes from men is from Allah.

“How great the wonders of the heavens

And the timeless beauty of the night

How great then how great the Creator?

And its stars like priceless jewels

Far beyond the reach of kings

Bow down for the shepherd guiding him home.”


If you are looking for a light in your life, just look around you.

Photo Credit: Ridzwan Razalee

Photo Credit: Ridzwan Razalee

The original version of this article was written by Ridzwan Razalee and first published on Creative Ummah.


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