5 Muslim Charities Changing The World For Better

These charities driven by Islamic values continue to inspire the best in us.

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There are heaps of awesome charities driven by Islamic values, who continue to inspire the best in us. Here is a selection of just 5 Muslim charities that are changing the world for better.

1. Muslim Aid Australia

Muslim Aid Australia (MAA) are taking a permaculture-driven approach to provide long-term strategies to end poverty. They also recently launched their local projects with a focus in Australia. MAA stands out from the rest with their eco-friendly approach to “smart sustainable solutions”.


They’re also exploring the world of VR and 360 degree videos to make that connection between making donations and on-the-field change even more real than ever.

Support their programs here: muslimaid.org.au


2. Islamic Relief

Driven by “faith inspired action,” Islamic Relief is internationally recognised as an aid organisation doing brilliant work globally. They recently captured international attention with their Ramadan “SubhanAllah” campaign where buses in the UK were carrying these posters:


Their response during the Flint Water crisis in the US was also super inspiring where they handed out over 300,000 bottles of water to locals.

Check out their international website: islamic-relief.org, and their Australian website here: islamic-relief.com.au


3. Human Appeal

Human Appeal International Australia (HAIA) aims to strengthen humanity’s fight against poverty and social injustice. Through the provision of immediate relief and establishment of self-sustaining development programs, they aim to invest in real, effective solutions. They dedicate their time respectively
between emergency relief and long term development.


Learn more about their work here, link to Australian site: humanappeal.org.au


4. United Muslim Relief

United Muslim Relief (UMR) are based in the US, and are “one of the fastest growing NGO’s in the country, with a focus on building humanitarian coalitions to tackle developmental needs.” Two of their initiatives that stand out are the Our Three Winners endowment, and the Peaceful Families Project. The Our Three Winners endowment commemorates and celebrates the lives of Deah Barakat, Yusor and Razan Abu-Salha. All proceeds go toward funding education, dental relief,  and service projects helping those in need. The Peaceful Families Project is dedicated to ending domestic violence in Muslim families.


You can find out more about their local & international projects here: umrelief.org


5. Baraka City

Baraka City is an international NGO launched in 2008, based in France. They focus on restoring dignity and honour to the populations and victims of poverty and injustice by building a strong link between donors. Baraka City operates in 20 countries and now has 5 offices.


Support their work here (the website is in French!): barakacity.com


Is your favourite charity on this list? Let us know who you support!


The original version of this article was first published on Creative Ummah.

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