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Many a time, my love for photography becomes an occupational hazard so much so that my iPhone camera becomes my trusted companion when I’m cafe hopping, or out on trips with my girls. With amazing specs and resolution, I can almost get DSLR quality images with the right light, apps and attitude.

1. Chase the Light 

If there’s one thing I don’t work well with, it’s low lighting. My photos are bright, happy and white. When it comes to food photos with your mobile phone, chase the light.  Look around the restaurant or cafe you are in and get seated where light is in abundance. It might be next to a window, or right at the door, and if all else fails, the alfresco dining area outside would be best. 

2. Your Point of View is the Best View 


Quit taking your food photos from a bottom up view. Food looks tantalizing when it’s photographed from an angle you’d see if it were to be served to you. When food is served, you either see it 45 degrees down, eye-level or from the top. 

Also, please don’t climb on your seats or put the food on the ground when it’s served to you. It’s not worth getting STOMPED for it. 

3. Set the Table As-Is 

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For me, styling my food and table is essential to food photography. Even though I have a lot more props and styling tools to play around with when I’m working, I have to make do with what I have when I’m out enjoying my coffee or lunch.   

Set the table as how you’d see it, and fill it up with your own belongings. Make use of sugar jars, serviettes, cutleries, your notebook or laptop – basically whatever that’s in your bag. Push the plates together and make it look like a mess. The mess makes the food and dining place authentic.  Most importantly however, don’t force your 500ml Nike bottle to lay down flat – just let it stand properly already! 

 4. Simple Apps for Food Photos 

Food needs to look decadent to tempt people to salivate as they hit the like button on your photo. Though your photos may look good enough for an upload, editing the photos will make your photos pop a bit more.

VS.Co Cam works wonders for the lazy mobile photographers like me. The filters and presets instantly brings your photos to life, but remember not to push the contrast or saturation up too high. Fix the warmth or white balance to correct the colors, and over expose the photos a bit if need be. 

5. Remember Your Purpose


At times, I see people at restaurants spending a good 5 to 10 minutes snapping photos before they dig in. Spend less than a minute (I do it in 15 seconds) taking the photos, especially if you have company. It is not very nice to make your friends wait till you’re done snapping the photos. 

Also, food should be consumed while they are still hot. Don’t bother to edit the photos until you’re done with the meal so that you can decide if the food is worth sharing on not. Besides, when you’re around company, take that time to catch up and put those mobile phones away. 

Most importantly, the food you’re served should be enjoyed, so it doesn’t matter if your food photos look like bad just as long as it tastes amazingly good that you keep having foodgasms. 


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