5 tips on how to cease swearing habits

Stop swearing!

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Someone really has to point out this issue, over and over again! Nowadays with gadgets and easily accessible social media, people can basically say or TYPE whatever they want. They have been indulged with the “this is my account and my right to say whatever I want” way of thinking.


True that the be-who-you-are principal is right, but that depends on the situation. Humans are not perfect and have AT LEAST one weakness. We are not perfect. The weakness that we have are sometimes not only bad for us but bad for those around us. One perfect example is swearing or cussing.


Replying with bad words won’t solve anything. Sure sometimes it makes you feel satisfied or probably being superior over others, but in reality, it only makes you look less educated and violent. Not to mention hurting other peoples’ feelings and being a bad example to the younger generations!


To some, swearing has become a habit. You know what they say, “Old habits die hard”. BUT, with strong will and determination, it can be fixed! Try out these 5 tips!

  1. Replace the swear words with something else


The replacement words can still be used as a mean to deliver your point. Instead of the F-word or S-word, you can try saying words that don’t even make sense but kind of give the same tone. For example, fiddely-dee, fish, fries, frinkling, shlimy, shoot, sweets and whatever that rhymes with it yet still decent and kind of match the situation. Or you can try improving your vocabulary to create more creative words or even replace the abrasive words with ancient, old –fashioned cursing words from Shakespeare’s or wild west era like “tarnation” and “dagnabbit”.

  1. Make an evil box


What is an evil box? The concept is similar to the ‘swear jar’, but has a stronger effect. Instead of just putting money inside the jar, it should come with a heavier punishment. For instance, the money you’ve collected shall be given for something evil like pranks or donated to an evil organization.

“To be effective, the swear jar must be felt on a personal level. You need to make it so that you would rather not swear than put a single dollar into it. It helps to associate the jar with something evil, or with something you hate. Say for example you want to quit smoking, but it’s a struggle because smoking gives you pleasure. If you were to punch yourself in the nuts every time you have a cigarette, it would associate more pain than pleasure with smoking and would make you less likely to do it. The swear jar needs to be like punching yourself in the nuts. In my case, I chose to donate all of the money to an evil organization.” – Toma Haiku

  1. Find a reliable buddy


You don’t have to fight the bad habit alone! You can find a friend that can remind you not to swear. Allow them to give you a penalty whenever you swear. Or they can record a video of you swearing so that you can watch it by yourself and reflect on how ugly you sound when you curse. You can also find someone who is also struggling with the same thing and motivate each other at all times.

  1. Picture your lovely sweet grandmother can hear you


You should definitely try this! By doing so, you wouldn’t even have the heart to curse and even if you’ve slipped your tongue, you’d feel so terrible and ashamed.

  1. Learn the know-how in covering your swearing accidents


Of course, by now you’ve known that we can change the swear words to something else, but sometimes they just slipped. So, learn how to cover up! For example, when you’ve accidentally said “fuck”, you can add “crying out loud’’, which will leave people hearing “for crying out loud”. Other examples include “asshole-er system is quite big,”, “shit-take mushrooms,” or “dumbass-cus, Syria.”

Point is, IT’S DOABLE! Set your aim, make notes, find a friend and have a strong will. Slowly but surely! One of the ways to attain good manners is to speak good words and be kind to those around you.

Hadith 289
… ‘Abd Allah ibn ‘Amr said, “There are four characteristics that, if you possess them, will prevent you from being affected if you are deprived of certain worldly benefits. They are; good character, chaste outlook, honesty, and trustworthiness.”



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