6 Artists Across the World Who Were Inspired by the Companions

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The Companions of the Prophet Muhhammad S.A.W were some of the most inspiring individuals that has ever walked the earth. A lot of us tend to forget that they were still just people because of their spiritual stature.Not all of the companions were scholars, in fact a majority of them were actually “laymen” in terms of religious scholarship.
Almost all of them however were Artisans in whatever field they were in. They were of the highest level, in terms of character, and practiced Islam with complete Ihsan (Excellence).

Amongst them there were poets, fighters, traders, writers, and statesmen.

The thing that binds them all is that they were all spiritual warriors. Because of the Arabs traditional way of dressing it is also quite easy to imagine them to be Jedi Knight like individuals.

Today we get to see glimpses of the companions in men whom have aspired to emulate them.

Names like Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, and Yusuf Islam are some names I can think of who have inspired our generation in creating a better world.

Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X both fought for social justice, respectively in their own way. Ali stood up against the Vietnam War and refused to be drafted, which is something a lot of American at the time had no courage to do. But he made his stand clear. He believes that his real fight was in America itself because of the inequality in the treatment of the African Americans. He refused to go to war with people, who had done him no wrong.

Malcolm X, was one of the strongest advocator for the call to equality for the African Americans. If we follow his life story we can see that he definitely had a rollercoaster ride in terms of his faith and how he carried himself in life. But we must remember that Umar had a streak of violence before accepting faith in his own life. That willingness to change and repent is a timeless lesson we can all learn from.

Yusuf Islam, was known as Cat Stevens before converting. He acknowledged that the music industry is filled with a lot of things that are bad for the soul. Although his songs were always beautiful and soul searching but he had to walk away from the industry just to get closer to Allah.

These men have also inspired a new generation to follow in their footsteps to emulate the Companions of the Prophet S.A.W.

Like the names I have mentioned before, this new generation are also Artisans of their respective trade and their perspiration to become the companions of our time is an example we all can follow.

1) Amir Sulaiman

Amir Sulaiman is one of my favorite poets of all time. A lot of his poetry is something that can really move the soul of any men. His work is respected and put in high regards by various communities. He often speaks of social ailments, and the journey we take to better ourselves. One of my favorite line from his poem is “I’m not who I was nor who I will be” –Dead Man Walking- We are in that constant state of improving if we are making our journey to Allah, and he captured that struggle in just a single line.


2) Nouman Ali Khan

Nouman Ali Khan, has one of the best approach when it comes to Tafseer of the Quran. This man has sparked my interest in learning to recite and understand the Quran. He changed my perspective and approach to the Quran, for I had not realized just how vast of an ocean the Quran was before attending one of his programs. His Bayyinah program has helped hundreds in launching their own journey to further develop their relationship with the Quran.


3) Peter Gould

He’s the one on the right. Peter Gould is one of the most active and innovative creative entrepreneur in the Muslim World. His work has managed to fuse traditional Islamic design elements with a vibrant fresh modern graphic style. Creative Ummah is one of his most amazing effort to help build up the creative scene of the Muslim world.


4) Amir Khan

Amir Khan is a professional boxer. He is a former two time world champion, having won the WBA, WBA (Super) and IBF Light Welterweight titles. Khan has been involved in various charity organization and community work in the past and present. From working with children and earthquake victims, his fighting spirit is something worth taking note in and out of the ring. Strong men with a good heart are of high value in any community.


5) Jordan Richter

Jordan Richter is a skateboarder who once gave up skate boarding entirely to dedicate himself to Islam, is now reconnecting with the gift that was given by Allah. He is now running a skateboarding academy to help kids discover their passion in skateboarding and build their confidence, and he starts with his son. Watch the short Instagram video above.


6) Peter Sanders

Peter Sanders is one of the first few photographers who took pictures of Mecca. His contribution gave the western world their first visual image of what it may actually look like in the holy city of Mecca. Islam was not something that was widely known at that time in the west, therefore his photographs helped capture the rich culture of Islam and its beauty.
These men have worked on a lot of amazing things in their lives because they were inspired by the companions. Their spiritual foundation has helped them set the standard for quality in the work that they do.
We must start paying attention to those around us who are inspired by the companions to be better, for their light will allow our own light to shine.

Do you know anybody who are inspired by the companions? Share your list below.


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