6 Songs By Sami Yusuf That Will Calm Your Mind And Soothe Your Soul

Just what you need for those bad days

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Everyone has bad days and sometimes all you want to do is to sit back and relax your mind. These super soothing tunes by Sami Yusuf will definitely calm your soul and lift your spirits. Not only do they sound wonderful but the lyrics of the songs are just so uplifting and heartwarming. So, when you feel the world around you is closing in, try playing these songs while having a cup of something warm.

About Sami Yusuf

Sami Yusuf is a British composer, singer, lyricist and an accomplished musician. He is a devout Muslim who sees songs as a means of promoting the message of love, mercy, peace and tolerance and encouraging the youth to be proud of their religion and identity.


1. Make Me Strong

2. You Came To Me

3. All I Need

4. In Every Tear, He Is There

5. Healing

6. Forgotten Promises

Featured Image Source: The Islamic Monthly
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