6 Types of Muslim-Friendly Holiday You Need Now To Get Your Life Back on Track

Life can be stressful at times, and you need to breakaway.

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Life can be stressful at times. The workloads, the memos, the letters to clients, the drafts to be read. The list continues so on and so forth. At one point, we might even want to scream out loud and just put a halt to all the worldly tasks that sacrificed our happiness. But what if we can go somewhere to de-stress our lives? What type of holiday can we have to get our life back on track? Leave our laptops and phones aside and read about some of these holidays we can have to enjoy that well-deserved break:


1. Beach Holidays

Beach holiday

Always a favourite to many people, beach holidays are the best holidays to have. It is great to unwind ourselves by laying in a hammock on a beach or just lie on the beach while reading our favourite books. The sun, the wind, and the sound of waves will always mesmerize stressful souls and after the holiday, we will surely be recharged and energized to start afresh.  I still remember my personal experience in May 2014. A week before I switched job to a new company, I had a beach holiday in Tioman Island, Malaysia with my brother. It was a short 3 days 2 nights holiday. Nevertheless, having the whole time spent on the island with nothing else to do except to snorkel and enjoy the beach, I managed to get myself ready for a new challenge in a new company. The truth is, beach holidays always work!

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2.  Welcome to nature!


Another great way to de-stress ourselves is by having a nature-themed holiday. Living in a tropical country like Malaysia is a blessing for me since there are many jungles and forests which we can go for holiday at. Take the National Park in the state of Pahang or the Royal Belum Forest Resort in Perak for instance. Both places have chalets located deep in the jungle and throughout the stay, we will be accompanied by the sounds of crickets and other insects. If we are lucky, we might even hear the tigers roaring. Doesn’t it sounds like a blissful holiday?


3. Urban explorer for the curious minds


This might not sound like a typical holiday to de-stress ourselves but why not? There are people who are curious and always want to know how life in other cities or other countries is. So, exploring the city will reflect what is the culture and lifestyle of that particular place. Sometimes, we become stressful because we are doing the same thing over and over again. By being urban explorer and exploring a new place, wouldn’t that be a nice deviation from our usual routine? It is and it will de-stress our lives.


4. Train travel for a different perspective

train travel

Train travel has always been my personal favourite. Taking a train will give different perspectives of a place and its people, especially if we take a long-haul train. For example, taking the third-class coach train in Thailand from Hat Yai to Chiang Mai (which take days to reach!) will give us views ranging from village to mountainous landscape. With mostly locals in such a coach, we will definitely de-stress ourselves while learning something new about how people live their lives.


5. Scale a mountain

climb mountain

Not for the unfit people, this type of holiday will surely give us a sense of accomplishment and at the same time a moment to unwind ourselves from our usual hectic schedules. There are a lot of hills and mountains which offer astonishing views from its peak and a memory to remember. Don’t just sit still when we are feeling stressful. We should do some research on some mountains that we can scale, plan our journey and leave our stressful lives behind.


6. Spiritual retreats

All the holidays above will help heal your battered spirit, but retreats which focus specifically on increasing your knowledge and remembrance of God and the Prophet (peace be upon him) are increasing in trends. If you feel like you need to really escape from the buzz and deepen your relationship with the Majestic and Almighty Allah swt, look out for this kind of retreats!

Besides readings on books, you can enjoy nature basking, snorkelling, visiting waterfalls, so there are a lot of the above elements in one.


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Seekers Retreat Poster Itenary

Seekers Retreat Poster Itenary

So there you go. I know some of you are stressful right now. I know you are having a tough week and a stressful moment right now. Yes, you! Don’t just read this. Pack your bags, get your passport ready, book a ticket and go!


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