7 easy ways to make someone’s day!

Let’s put a smile on someone’s face today shall we!

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Have you ever walked past someone and you noticed they looked so gloomy? Or maybe when you returned to your dorm after your lecture and saw your roommate was staring blankly at her computer? Well, regardless of the situation, whenever you see someone looking so down, it makes you feel bad and somehow obligated to cheer them up. Isn’t that right?


As humans, we are blessed with so so so many things. Including our feelings. We need to acknowledge our feelings be it sad, happy, disgust or even anger. All that makes us who we are. We just need to figure out and learn the techniques to manage the feelings appropriately.


Now, speaking of feeling sad, have you ever experienced something really bad like maybe you screwed up the experiment, didn’t get the marks you wanted, scold by your superior or missing someone so bad? I bet you have! And it sure feels good when someone was being nice to you when you’re at that state. You feel happy and blessed knowing that there are still good people out there. So, why not you do the same for others!


“Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Here are the 7 simple ways to make someone’s day!

  1. Make eye contact and smile

It only takes a few seconds to do but may positively impact the ones you smiled at for the whole day. Smiling has its own unique magic that cannot be explained.


  1. Give that person a compliment

Who doesn’t love a compliment? And it makes that person feel acknowledged and boost up their self-esteem.


  1. Lend an ear

Sometimes all they need is to let out their pains and struggles. Telling people about our problems won’t really help solve it, but it eases the pain somehow. You can try starting the conversation with “Are you okay?”.


  1. Share some food

It doesn’t have to be some fancy and expensive foods! You just share maybe some home-baked cookies, fresh fruits, chocolates or a cup of Banana Magic Smoothie that you decided to get an extra from the Boost Juice Bar.


  1. Try making a joke

Not everyone is a joker but it’ll definitely be funny if you happened to make a bad and lame joke. At least you tried and the effort you’ve put in is what matters.


  1. Be encouraging

Once you’ve listened to their problems, try to give encouraging words so that they stay positive, gain confidence and not feeling hopeless.


  1. Random act of kindness

This is a really powerful action. You’ll never know the impact you’ll make by simply holding a door for the person behind you to come in, giving the chance for someone to get into your lane while driving, paying for someone’s food, smiling at strangers, giving free stuff, offering a hand and many more!

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What are you waiting for then? Let’s try these simple steps today and make someone happy!


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By Mirarhyme


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