7 Important Safety Tips When We Travel

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Travelling has been said to improve our health both mentally and physically. It has also been associated with the enhancement of one’s creativity. We get to polish our social and communication skills, train ourselves to be more open-minded through experiencing different cultures and allowing ourselves to gain some peace of mind and tranquility.

Aside from planning for the things to bring and places to go, we also need to plan for our security throughout the journey. Here are some of the tips to stay safe when we travel!

1. Researching


Have a read about the place that we are heading to. We should get to know the place through reading the travellers reviews. We could also seek for the safest neighbourhoods through consulting with the locals. Prepare the list of contact details for the closest consulate or embassy and police stations. This is especially important for Muslim families and those wearing hijab. We cannot predict the safety of the new environment, what more countries that are not familiar with the true meaning of Islam.

2. Copies of essential documents.


We should prepare copies of our identification card, passport, visa and driver’s license because we don’t know when we might need it. Prepare both hardcopies and digital copies of the documents.

3. Blend in


Try to look as normal as you can. Avoid appearing like someone who came from out of town because we might be more vulnerable to potential crimes. Learn how to read maps and be aware in choosing the right person to ask questions. Try wearing protective clothing that is anti-theft. For Muslims, especially those with beards and hijab would appear very distinct in the crowd. We should attempt to look confident and always travel in groups. Just remember to put as much smile as you can and be nice to everyone. And never admit that we are travelling alone.

4. Updating family and friends


Updating is a very crucial step in every journey. Always be reminded to inform our family and friends of our whereabouts and conditions. Also, share our itineraries with those that we trust so that they can keep track of our journey.

5. Safeguarding our stay


Sometimes we cannot see the danger that is coming our way. Especially during the night, when we are resting and sleeping in our hotel room. Always remember to keep the windows shut, lock and dead bolt the door. Place the ‘Do Not Disturb Sign’ at all times to give the impression that the room is occupied. Don’t simply allow anyone to come in the room. Always check with the front desk if they had sent the hotel staff to our room.

6. Being cautious of public Wi-Fi


Yes, getting a free Internet access is heavenly convenient nowadays. However, good thing sometimes comes with a cost. Be aware of the public Wi-Fi because it would make our valuable information vulnerable to be stolen by hackers. They can use them to access our data, which includes social security numbers and credit card. Yikes! Hence, its much more safe to set up a virtual private network (VPN).

 7. Being cautious of surroundings


Always be on guard of our personal belongings and use wise judgments when choosing to make conversations with strangers,. Get away immediately if someone is acting suspiciously and makes us feel uneasy. Unplug the headphones when we are outside and always make way towards a crowd. Lastly, always bring a fully charged power bank because our phone can really save our life!

Travelling can be really memorable and exciting. However these days, the hate for Islam has been rising especially in certain countries. The social media has been one of the reasons of the growing Islamphobics. Despite the fact that a large part of the world is also spreading positivity about Islam, some Muslims are still being randomly attacked either verbally of physically. Not just Muslims, other people are also vulnerable to any potential threats whenever they travel. That is why we should never put our guard down at anytime and at anyplace. So, plan your travel security well and be safe!



Content from: Sound Vision, Nationwide

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