7 Major Airlines That Do Not Serve Alcohol

These flights have a 'no-booze' policy.

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To meet the demand of customers, most major airlines serve or allow passengers to consume alcohol on board. However, there are 7 major airlines that do not serve alcohol on board or even allow its passengers to consume their own during the flight, with some adjustments related to this policy in a few airlines.

1. Saudi Airlines

Saudi Airlines

Saudi Airlines. Image Source: Shutter Stock/Rebius


Due to the Islamic Law (Shariah), alcohol is forbidden in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, Saudi Arabian Airlines do not serve alcohol on board or allow its passengers to consume alcohol during the flight or even to bring along their own liquors. Not only that, most airlines do not serve alcohol on their flights to and from Saudi Arabia because of the country’s law and policy. According to Saudi Arabian Airline website:

“Alcohol is especially harmful to proper hydration – not a problem as this is not served on board.”.

However, passengers will be able to enjoy several course meals depending on the destination, as well as free flow of non-alcoholic juices, soft drinks, diet drinks and hot drinks.


2. Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways. Image Source: Shutter Stock/Olaf Schulz


Kuwait Airways is similar to Saudi Arabian Airline – alcohol is not served in flights and passengers are not allowed to carry along or consume their own liquors. However, what Kuwait Airways has to offer in terms of food is quite impressive. Passengers have the ability to choose from bland, diabetic, low-gluten, vegetarian meals, and also a wide range of other options from their menu.


3. Pakistan International Airlines

Pakistan International Airlines

Pakistan International Airlines. Image Source: Flickr/Ángel Ferrer


Similar to the previous two airlines, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) does not serve alcohol on board or even allow its passengers to consume it due to the Islamic Law (Shariah). However, passengers are allowed to carry along their own liquors. Serving alcohol was previously allowed on PIA flights up until the 70s when alcohol was banned in Pakistan. The airline however offers a wide range of what has been described by PIA as “culinary delights to please every palate” to satisfy their customers.


4. Royal Brunei Airlines

Royal Brunei Airlines

Royal Brunei Airlines. Image Source: Flickr/David McKelvey


Royal Brunei Airlines as the other airlines in this list has the no-booze policy on all of its flights. The airline does not serve alcohol, but people who bring their own can consume it before landing in Brunei. The remaining liquor will be taken away once the plane lands. In terms of food, the airline offers “a variety of tasty culinary solutions to suit its passengers’ special dietary requirements”.


5. Iran Air

Iran Air

Iran Air. Image Source: Flickr/lkarasawa


As the national carrier for Iran – the Islamic nation, Iran Air does not serve alcohol on all the flights it operates. Also, women are obligated to wear the head cover once they land in Iran. Just a tip: this airline is widely known as the “not being on-time” airline. Therefore, you may want to consider other options while travelling.


6. Egypt Air

Egypt Air

Egypt Air. Image Source: Flickr/Pieter van Marion


Egypt Air also does not serve alcohol on its flights. However, passengers can bring their own liquors on board and can consume or transport them. Depending on the destination, Egypt Air sometimes offers alcohol on board, such as flights to the US. When I got to know that Egypt Air does not serve alcohol on board, I was quite surprised because alcohol is available everywhere in Egypt, so I do not quite understand why it is not allowed on their national carrier.


7. Rayani Air

Rayani Air

Rayani Air. Image Source: Rayani Air


Rayani Air is a new Malaysian budget airline, based in Langkawi, that started its operations in 2014. This airline is considered to be the 4th airline in the world to impose the application of Shariah compliance to its Muslim cabin crews beside Saudi Airlines, Iran Air and Royal Brunei Airlines. The airline also does not serve alcohol or pork on board. Currently, the airline is operating only domestic flights but,the owner has planned to start overseas flights by next year.

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Written by Khulood Algafri


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