A New Life Prescription!

6 Ways To Change Your Lifestyle Once And For All

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“Kish! You look so different! You look skinny! You look good!”

 And I did. This is the energetic response I get these days for those who knew the old me, and yes, I have grown a few sizes smaller and I have more bounce in my walk.

I changed. I changed my lifestyle. I changed my eating habits and I fitted exercise in my ‘busy’ schedule and all the things around me conspired to change for the better after that mental determination. I cared for my health and my well being and started to learn to love and respect myself. Feels like a new life, I have turned into a better version of me and still working on being the best. This is my advice from my health journey and experience and I would like to share it with you!



1. Setting realistic goals

The beginning is always the hardest step to take when it comes to change. We always have our unattainable and lofty goals when it comes to our health and well being, so break it down to a series of smaller, smarter and achievable targets. 2015 has just begun so it is the perfect time to start!




2. A depth of understanding

Health is not just about the physical. Our society is still in its infancy regarding mental and emotional aspects of it. So take your emotional and mental status into consideration when you work towards a healthier you. Body image is what is sold when it comes to health and well being, it is a visual trade, and it works that way to capture peoples attention. But the inside (points to chest) is what we should really work on.




3. Self love, inner strength and determination

Do not be disheartened or daunted by the initial challenges and uncooperative surroundings! It might be your friends, it might be your family, it might be your colleagues or just society itself and the Malaysian context is not really an easy ambience to work with. Something as simple as a lunch meal might set you back in your goals. So build your determination and be your own core and your own back bone. When you find self love, inner strength and determination, a support system will undeniably gravitate and form around you.





4. Consistency

Down days are inevitable and overcoming it takes a special kind of recipe. I would load myself with a chunk of positivity, a right mind set, a hunger and curiosity for researching and reading on health and a consistent goal. Not an end goal, because we won’t be aiming to stop, we are aiming to be consistent!





5. Beyond skin deep targets

A majority of Malaysians would target to lose weight. Honestly, I find this rather superficial if it is just about body image, about looking beautiful and fitting into the right clothes. Bodies deteriorate, but the soul and a healthy mind does not if you maintain it well. So try laying out your reasons to why you want to start a healthier journey. Do it for you.




6. No one comes from the same mould

The road to health will be different for everyone, so if you are out to compare and feel bad about yourself, throw that thought out the window immediately! Work on feeling inspired and hold on to that. Positivity is the most important thing to build at the beginning so do not look left or right to other people. You aim to be a better version of yourself. Not a better version of someone else!

Good luck!

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