Accepting Ramadan’s Challenge

The best way to level up my Iman in this worldy life.

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Ramadan is a blessed month filled with Allah’s mercy and grace. Its blessings are countless. However this does not come without challenges.

Every time the reward of goodness is promised, obstacles are always there. Take it as a level you’re at in a video game and the reward by completing that level, will be the reward of fasting and serving Allah during Ramadan. That’s just generally how life works anyway, it comes in various levels to cater to the level we’re currently facing.

However, in accepting this challenge is a matter of attitude rather than skill.

I remember a few Ramadan back I was gathered with a few brothers in the Masjid, discussing life’s many challenges.

At one point I quoted a verse from the Quran in which God said that “Allah will not burden a soul more than what it can bear.” (Surah Al-Baqarah 2:286).

I remember saying afterwards “At times, I look up and think, Big Guy, you have too much faith in me”.

Now, looking back to that time, the attitude I had was all wrong. The comment I had made then, about this verse, looked as if I thought Allah wanted me to go through these challenges alone.

I’m only now realizing that he is Al-Wali, the friend, the patron, and the helper. He is forever by our side and he is there to guide us in our darkest hours.

Ramadan is not just a month where we don’t eat and drink from sunrise to sun down, or a month where we’re seen in the mosques more than we’ll ever be caught in one throughout the year combined!

It is a month of reflection. It is easy for us during Ramadan, to feel that anything is possible, and acting as if being like one of the great companions is a walk in the park.

More often than not, we tend to fall into despair once again post-Ramadan.

Ramadan is not just that special time of the year where our spiritual performance ‘magically’ enhances.

Ramadan should serve as a reminder of our potential above all else, in what we can achieve throughout the year.

During Ramadan, I find myself doing so many things that I can never usually fathom in other times of the year.

For example, some awesome superpowers I manage to attain are:

  • Not eating or drinking during the day, and staying calm with people, while still getting work done.
  • The early morning rise, for Sahur, and Fajr.
  • Being kind and generous which happen almost like breathing.
  • The Khusyuk in Salah feels like you’re at some Jedi Master level of concentration.

The challenge during Ramadan is tough but the reward of this month outweighs the pain, we can get through it without much complaint.

And this is the attitude we need generally post Ramadhan. Right up towards the next Ramadan.

Any time we feel like we’re alone again, we must also remember Allah by Al- Muqaddim, the Expediter, He who brings forward.

Know that whatever burden that has been put on our soul, Allah has every intention to bring us forward! That He is the best of planners and He will not abandon those who seek Him.

So, take this Ramadan’s challenge not only as a blessing from Allah for your personal struggles, but He will also be there to bring you forward, and He will also be there for you as your friend.

Know that this plan is not just limited during your Ramadan journey but throughout your entire life!

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