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Travel light with style!

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Wouldn’t it be nice to wear something that is very comfortable and breezy when we travel? Especially if we are aiming to go to places that are rather hot and sunny.


Almost everyone would want to travel light. Not just our backpack, but us ourselves. Often when we travel, we would be bringing T-shirts instead of shirts that need to be ironed. We would also go for clothes that are quite dark and rather thick, so that we don’t need to wear two layers of clothes. For ladies, they would bring along clothes that would match their hijabs.

Choosing the appropriate clothes is one thing, packing them is another thing. Here is a video showing how to pack them compactly in a small bag?

Speaking of travelling light, Gajoh & Co offers clothes that are made from very light material. These attires are suitable to be worn casually or at even at formal events.

They have baju melayu, kurta, shirts, kids wear,T-shirts and women’s’ cardigans. Each of Gajoh & Co piece has batik element detailed on them. Jamree Mohd Jawani, the designer and owner, chose Terengganu batik as the material.

Now with Gajoh &Co, not only that we can travel light, we get to wear breezy clothes like its T- shirts and even linen shirts while exploring the world. On top of that, we get to look fancy in our picture!

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Image from: Gajoh & Co

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