All About Halal Mooncakes

Where to get the mooncakes and the secret recipe!

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Just like how the Malays are excited to eat pulut and rendang on Eid days, the Chinese have their own cuisine that they look forward to on their special days. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the most anticipated food would be the mooncake! According to the Chinese tradition, mooncake symbolizes the reunion of family members. They give the mooncakes to other people as a way to express love and good wishes.

Nothing is better than going home to family and eating good food and relaxing. – Irina Shayk



Mooncakes come in many flavors and shapes. The fillings of the mooncakes can be so colorful that they appear to be very mouth-watering to almost everyone. Even though only the Chinese celebrate the festive season, other people too would become excited and eager to get themselves halal mooncakes.


Here are some of the places that sell halal mooncakes.

Tai Thong is one of the famous players in mooncakes industry. The mooncakes do not contain artificial colorings and flavorings. Tai Thong mooncakes are HALAL certified by the  Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (JAKIM) and are compliant to the HACCP.


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HYT Food Industries is known to be a food manufacturer and an innovative confectioner. The key brand, Casahana, specializes in the making of pastries for weddings and Mid-Autumn Festival. These HALAL certified and HACCP compliant mooncakes come with lovely design and packaging style.


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Similar to Tai Thong and HYT Food, Victory Yaya also offers a wide range of mooncakes flavors. They have baked, egg yolk, pastry and snow skin mooncakes. Their mooncakes are HALAL certified and can be bought through online.

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Lazeez Bakery is a home-based bakery owned by Noor Asmah (Kak Semah) who previously had become famous for her halal mooncakes. She started making mooncakes from 2010 for her families and close friends. Her business grew from there with orders increasing from 300, in her first year, to 4,00 this year. Kak Semah, with the help of her family, makes 15 different flavors of mooncakes that are of affordable prices.


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For those who prefer to bake their own mooncakes, you can try this recipe at home!


This recipe is by Huang Kitchen. The full instructions can be obtained from The Huang Kitchen page.


Good food should be enjoyed and shared together!



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