Appreciate Your Loved Ones With This Eid Gift Hamper

The ideal gift hamper for your Muslim fellows

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There is an even better reason to celebrate; Eid al-Adha.  For Muslims all around the world it is an extremely special time and an opportunity to come together with family and friends, a sentiment that can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter your ethnicity or religion.  Take the time this holiday to celebrate the people who are most important to you and show your gratitude to your friends and family.

The nature of Eid and the holiday that surrounds it will make plenty of time for visiting and celebrating with friends and family.  Gifting to your loved ones during Eid is traditional and naturally we wish to bring presents when being hosted, so whichever your need, we have just the ideal Eid gift hamper to make sure you don’t end up with the wrong gift!

It is always hard when you are not able to share Eid with those you love.  Whatever reason might be keeping you apart; we have the perfect Eid gift idea for you to be able to send in your stead and will let your loved ones know how much you are thinking of them.  If you really want to show how much you care, go with the The Ceramic Designer’s Raya Hamper – it is packed full of delicious treats, decorative ceramic goods, and a mini prayer kit  to make anyone feel appreciated and warm!



These hampers are personalised meticulously to best suit the occasion. Unlike any other pre-made hampers that we can commonly find in malls or stores, The Ceramic’s Designer’s hamper is a combination of snacks, ceramic goods – tagine, bowls, and fridge magnets, a prayer kit – a mini sized Al-Mathurat, tasbeeh, and a travel size prayer mat which makes it the most ideal gift for our fellow Muslims!

Anyway, Eid is also a wonderful time to consider your role in the world and how you might affect more goodness.  Gifting is also a part of charitable giving, another strong tradition during Eid and throughout the Muslim faith. So make gifting a habit to extend your good deeds.


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