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Malaysia -- Lina majored in Psychology at the University of Southern Queensland Australia. She was also trained as an English Language teacher and taught in schools in both Singapore and Malaysia. Currently, she is in the Publications team of SeekersHub Global and the Contributing Editor for The Clubhouse Magazine. She left the teaching industry to write and edit full time since November 2014.

Worried about Adulting? Syakh Muhammad Aslam Shares How Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Lived His Life...

Just as a jewel is not any other stone, the Master of Love was not any other man.

Life is a confusing place. Today we have many guides on websites advising youth who are transitioning from graduation to adulthood. This grappling on learning how to be an adult has been termed as adulting. Needless to say, even adults need reminders. However there has been a guide in the form...

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