Canadians Shows You How To Welcome Syrian Refugees in a Video Filmed by Daim Khalid

A feel-good video which makes you love them Canadians!

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A heartwarming video shot by Canadian Daim Khalid is showing the world how to react to Syrian refugees.

“I hope that you are able to make a good home for yourselves here, and I hope it’s a chance to recover from everything that you’ve been through.

“People from Syria (will be able to) add to our wonderful Canadian mosaic.”

“We welcome you with open arms. It’s beautiful here and you’ll love it. I hope you guys enjoy our beautiful weather here. You’re going to really enjoy your time here, the land that’s always been built by immigrants and refugees.”

Enjoy the warmth spread through the video! A timely message of opening arms to those who are in distress, instead of blocking them from coming.
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