#CelebrateLove: Things I Have Learned After Getting Married

Our routines have changed, our priorities are different.

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I first met my wife when we were studying in law school back in 2010. However, our love story did not start there. It started only when we both finished studying and during our pupillage (the final stage of training to be a qualified lawyer). We were assigned at the same legal aid centre and from there, our love blossomed. We finally tied the knot in August last year.

People have asked me, has my life changed after marriage? Every marriage is indeed different but here are some insights on what have I learned and experienced after getting hitched.

You will learn to compromise.

Being a husband has taught me that women are completely different in their way thinking and actions as compared to men. I realized that women are delicate beings and sometimes compromise is the best way to live peacefully and happily with your partner.

You will become more independent, together.

Being married and living on our own has taught both of us how to live independently. Since we’ve been married, we have saved a lot of money since my wife loves to cook. Every night, she will cook dinner and any leftovers will be put in the freezer and packed for lunch the next day. We also have budgeted our monthly bills, groceries and even do household chores like laundry together. I’ll wash and dry the clothes, and my wife will fold them. Living separately from our parents has taught us that life is not easy but together, we can overcome the hurdles.

You will get to know your partner better.

No matter how long you’ve dated your partner, you will definitely learn and discover something new about him or her after marriage as you’ll be spending most of your time together. Over the weekend, my wife and I will normally spend time lazying around at home and just watch Netflix or iFlix. It is amazing how doing things as simple as watching TV shows together can make us understand our partner better. Take my wife for example. She loves to watch Malay dramas and if she fancies something, she will give me ‘the look’ which acts as a hint that she wants that same kind of treatment too!

You will step out from your comfort zone and try new things.

I have a keen interest in travel and have visited several countries but my wife on the other hand, rarely travels and before we got married, has not step out of the country. Now, that has completely changed and she has become my faithful traveling partner, accompanying me on my journeys. She is even more excited about travel than I am and will do her own research about our destinations. She has ditched her high heels for sneakers and her usual end-of-the-month question would be “Where is our next destination?”


Indeed, marriage has changed us a lot and I have learned that it is a serious commitment and also requires hard work. Our routines have changed, our priorities are different. Come what may, I hope and pray that we will always love, trust and support each other till Jannah. One thing’s for sure, marriage is definitely not for the faint-hearted 😉


My wife and I on one of our travels :)

My wife and I on one of our travels 🙂



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