Celebrating International Coffee Day With Serasi

The stunning benefits of coffee on skin

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Imagine waking up to the smell of coffee. Oh that nice scent of roasted beans! The smell itself makes you feel like turning your head when you see someone attractive.



“Coffee is always a good idea”, Anonymous

Almost everyone loves coffee. Even if they don’t, normally it’s because they cannot drink it not because they don’t like it. Except for a small group people who prefer to have tea instead of coffee.




On this very day, falls the International Coffee Day. Bet not many of you have heard about it. Guess what, it’s already their 4th annual celebration! The main purpose of this day is to appreciate the journey of the coffee beans from the farm to various shops selling wide range of products made from coffee. We should take a moment to appreciate the plight of coffee growers.



This occasion is mainly focusing on coffee as beverages. While some would spend the day outside buying nice scented coffee from The Coffee Beans, we can also relax ourselves at home with coffee scrubs! Serasi offers coffee scrubs that are free from chemical and synthetic preservatives.



Not only that we get to relax, the coffee scrub actually exfoliates our skin and makes our skin appear healthier. Exfoliated skin can take up nutrients better given that the dead skins have been removed. The caffeine in the coffee could increase the blood flow, making the skin more even and minimise the cellulite.



The body scrub also has cinnamon powder, which helps in treating the acne and pimples. It can also speed up wound healing process.  Another major component includes coconut oil. It acts as antioxidant and functions in delaying the formations of wrinkles on skin by ensuring the strength of the connective tissues.




All in all, using coffee based body product could leave your skin looking young and fresh! To those who are interested in getting these awesome body care products by Serasi, you can shop online at bazaarKITA through the THiJARI powered by Zilzar Life app. For the record, THiJARI is the official app for Lembaga Tabung Haji.

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