Challenges Of Delivering Baked Goods

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.


When we started off this business, we were only looking at the delivery of recipe packs – which were pretty versatile and could go by bikes. As the business developed, we looked further, into the delivery of baked goods.

Let’s open the table and talk about the challenges we faced – particularly the delivery of baked goods, and how sensitive they are. Here’s the list of things that happened during deliveries.


What causes the melting of our bakes, is of course, heat. Heat, when put into the box of a motorcycle when being delivered. Heat, when put in a van that has no ventilation. Heat, when put in the boot of a car. Heat, when exposed to sun (and Singapore has loads of it).


Toppling, when the vehicle does a swerve around a bend – especially the motorbike. Toppling, when the vehicle doesn’t slow down when going over a hump. Toppling, when the item is not carried properly by the receiving and delivering party – Or when we can’t see the box properly, and we can’t tell the top from bottom.


When the vehicle jam breaks, and the bakes exert inertia. When the vehicle accelerates so much that the bakes exert inertia. When theres too much space in the box of the bakes, and the bakes slide around inside the box. When theres too much space inside the boot of the car / van / bike that the bakes slide around inside the vehicle.


This one is because of the vibrations of the vehicle. The vehicle with the highest amount of vibration are the bikes. Even if you sit on a public bus, the bakes will experience virabration. This vibration can cause the frosting of a bake to slide down, break into pieces, or for cookies to start crumbing. If you’re a fan of cars, you would also notice that the more expensive the car, the less vibrations there are when u travel – they call it a smooth journey. But who is going to use a BMW 7-series to do delivery, right?!

So in conclusion, bakes need to be delivered in a vehicle that

  • Provides chilled environment.
  • Doesn’t swerve when turning and remains in a vertical position
  • Cannot jam break and has a fixed breaking distance
  • Has a lot of suspension so it doesn’t vibrate at all
  • Has a robot driver.

Proposed vehicles: Aeroplane, helicopter, hovercar (not in contact with the road), Hovercraft (fly and road). BMW 7-series, Audi, Mercedes. All that comes equipped with a autodriving function.

Even air transport experience turbulence and vibrations. So how? Die lah. Bakes cannot be delivered. Haha. I kid. I kid.

We do our best all the time to ensure that the bakes arrive safely. Most of the challenges above have been overcome, except for the inevitable vibrations. And sometimes, even when they do arrive safely, the client can still write to us to complain about that one crumb that is out of place. Sigh.

To date, we have done our deliveries, via walking, via bicycle, via van, via car and via motorbikes. Though our clients don’t know which medium is used for the bakes that got delivered to them, we highly appreciate every single one of them that gave us feedback privately so that we are able the choose the best delivery method for the different types of bakes afterwards.

If a good feedback is received, we forward the commendation to our bakers, and to those who were doing the job so that they get encouragement. We would also note them down (we have secret “great customers” lists) so that when we have giveaways or contests and they participate, the chances of them winning is so much higher. (lol)

If a bad but constructive feedback is received, we will note, and rectify, and after investigations found that its true, we will reward the person who gave the feedback. We choose to think that everyone has good intentions. In our culture, to give sincere negative feedback with the intention to help the service improve is a rare deed served.

We aspire to develop our own delivery fleet (which isn’t so far from now). And so, in the interim while we engage external delivery services, we highly appreciate every single one of our clients who are patient with the challenges we face. We definitely have a soft spot for all the accounts that were set up on our website within the first 2 years of our business. As the saying goes, the early birds catches the worm, so early customers will have good stuff coming their way once we stabilize. 😉

Sigh. The delivery of baked items isn’t easy, is it? But if it was, everyone would be doing it.

On a side note, if you are attempting a business in the courier and delivery industry, we hope you find this useful. And, if you want to take delivery projects under, just write in to us! :) is a one stop destination for all things halal. We retail halal bakes from many different bakers, halal recipe packs, and list halal food providers in Singapore. For an overview of what we do, or if you are keen on working with us, visit our home site at Halal first, everything else later!

Republished from Halal Food Hunt.
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