Could Harris J be the Muslim Justin Bieber, or the younger Maher Zain?

He might be replacing both for the new generation of younger Muslims.

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Zikir and Nasheed has a new sound, and a new face.

Spread peace on the earth
Cherish the love that is around us
Spread peace on the earth
Treasure the love, let it surround us
Always be kind, always remind one another
Peace on the earth everyday

Born in Chelsea in the heart of London, Harris J is a young British Muslim artist which could replace Justin Bieber or Maher Zian. Born with Indian, Jamaican and Irish blood, this young talent is signed to Awakening Records.

The eldest in the family, Harris was always aware of himself as a Muslim. He went to Gatton School, a Muslim voluntary-aided primary school in South London where he learnt to recite and memorise the Quran.

Harris has many interests. Just like any other Briton his age, Harris is passionate about football. At the age of 12, Harris earned himself a place in the exclusive Elite Training Club at the Chelsea Academy, receiving expert coaching over several years at the training grounds of the Chelsea FC Premier League Side.

But what he wants to do for the rest of his life, is singing. At an early age, Harris’s natural talent for singing was evident. By the age of five, he began singing and performing in public, at school recitals and multi-faith gatherings. His mastery of classical Arabic recitation with tones and vocal techniques of Irish folk music create a distinctly rich blend of artistic talent.


Did the hair on your arm stand when you heard his Quran recitation? No? Here’s the longer version. Pure voice, no auto-tune.



Having entered the social media powered Awakening Talent Contest in 2013 – in which multi platinum winning songwriter and artist Maher Zain was a judge – Harris J went on to win the competition and signed an exclusive record deal with Awakening Records.

Yes this is the same boy, but back then he looked like that. Now he’s all grown up. It’s not just his styling which has vastly improved to mimic Justin Bieber and One Direction boys, his vocals have matured too, thanks to the training he received from world-renowned BRIT School of Performing Arts in London. He just graduated from the school in July, and can now call Adele and Amy Winehouse his fellow alumni.

Since then he has been performing charity tours in the UK and at the Mandela tribute concert in South Africa, and is vocal about supporting Gaza.

In July 2015 Harris J graduated from the world renowned BRIT School of Performing Arts in London (alumni include Adele, Amy Winehouse and others). He has since performed in charity tours in the UK and at the Mandela tribute concert in South Africa. World Music Trends have identified Harris as “an artist who will take the global Islamic music scene by storm”.




Harris J considers himself a proud Muslim and a true Brit and is now looking forward to taking his new blend of faith-inspired music to the world.


His debut album is has just been released and we love the message behind all his songs. Sometimes we just need to listen to songs with good messages you know? And if it is this catchy then we’ll autoplay all day every day!


Can’t deny it, he sounds a little like how Justin Bieber used to sing but we love his songs because of what he sings about, and many of the songs are arranged by Maher Zain, which might be why they sound familiar.


1. Being thankful for the good life



2. Promising to be there for his family


3. The History of Rasulullah s.a.w.



3. A boy’s dream to reach Paradise


Thanks Awakening Records and Harris J. Now it’s actually cool to want to go to heaven because there is an auto-tuned song about it. We like!



Written by Nur Safiah Alias, Editor — Zilzar Life



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