Father’s Day Special: 4 Ways To Treat Your Dad This Father’s Day

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I remember when I was still a child and I told my mother, “Mum, I want to marry dad one day.” I was most certainly not the first to say that, and I will not be the last to say it as well. I grew up being closer to my father when I was in primary and secondary school. He simply seemed more understanding and less likely to nag if I told him something as compared to if I tell the same thing to my mother. Somewhere along the way, however, gone was the communication I used to have with him. If we ever contact each other, it’s usually because he needed help translating some messages for his friends or him asking if I have received the pocket money he sent me.

My father was the one who I argued with a lot before I went to college about my choice of studies, but he was also the one who brought me out for lunch when he passed by the college I was studying in when I was living away from home. He was the one that I showed an attitude at when he asked me to help him with his work, but he was also the one who supported me and shared my work and writings with his friends when I was getting started writing for Zilzarlife. Even if my family comes up to meet me nowadays, I would be a lot closer to my mother and somewhere along growing up, hugging my father or telling him I love him has become an awkward exchange. The only solace I have about this lack of father-daughter bonding time nowadays is that I have a little brother at home who annoys him just as I did when I was younger.

Even so with such a drift in the father-daughter relationship, there can still be several ways to celebrate Father’s Day and make it worthwhile for him. Knowing that he has contributed so much to the family, not just in the monetary sense but also the time he committed, I thought of several ways to repay him for this year’s Father’s Day.


Have you ever helped to massage your dad’s shoulders or back? If you were like me, you would have stepped on his back when you were still very young in your attempt to give him a massage. Now please don’t attempt what I did, but instead you can bring him for a relaxing spa or massage session! It could be a very foreign idea to him, but I’m sure that he will appreciate it. Alternatively, you can get him a massage chair that he’s been eyeing for several months now but did not buy because he could save the money for the family’s expenditure.

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The simplest thing that you can do would be to get him a drink while he’s reading the papers or watching his favourite shows on the TV. Be it tea or coffee or any other beverages, this simple gesture would certainly warm his heart. Of course, such simple gestures could have been done on any normal days, so why not stop by the bakery and get something else for him while you are at it? Be sure to consider the healthier options while you’re choosing the teatime snacks!

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#Throwback Movies

Remember the old movies that your dad would sometimes mention, quote from or sing to? The movies that you can distinguish the era from just by its quality, the fashion choices and a certain colour tinge throughout the movie? Yes, those movies. Why not spend the evening watching it with him along with your other family members? It would bring back memories, and you might hear him talk of his memories about the movies as well. Let the walk down the memory lane begin.

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This is something fairly easy for us to do. Choose several photos of the family that you like, where he looks super cheerful or those that marks important moments throughout your life. You can make a collage, decorate and print it, or you can make it into a simple scrapbook to present to him. It’ll show him how you care about him and his guidance through your walk of life. Also, a creative handmade card or written letter decorated with the photos might be a good idea too!

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Ultimately, it’s still the effort and appreciation that counts. By the time you’ve finished this article, I sure hope that you have something in mind to celebrate this year’s Father’s Day. We would like to know too if there’s any other things you’d do to keep the father-son/daughter bond going for this special day, so if you do, leave a comment below and let us know!

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