Finally, A Beautiful App For My Ibadah This Ramadan

and the next Ramadan, and the next Ramadan. Mabruk!

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Ramadan is in the air, the time of year where dates and water are my lifeline! Now I need to plan out my Ramadan, so that I can juggle my work together with the things I want to achieve this blessed month.

Wait, there’s an app for that!

A friend of mine told me to check this app out, and I am impressed. Ramadan Legacy started off by a group of young entrepreneurs from the UK who simply wanted to leave a legacy behind to the Muslim Ummah. I got to say, they are on track!

The idea came in 2014 where the founder, Shahbaz Mirza, launched an online book called the Ramadan Action Plan that had received tens of thousands of downloads. Shahbaz commented that, “In 2015, our challenge was to digitise a month that is over 1,400 years old and simplify Ramadan for Muslims across the world. Muslims are turning to their smartphones for guidance and connectivity. Ramadan Legacy provides an authentic and seamless way to enhance and capture your annual Ramadan experience”.

This revolutionary app lets you enhance your Ramadan experience by simply interacting with the app. You can do so many things here, it’s hard to believe the team took 18 months to build this.


Doa, Hadith, Quran Displays

When you open the app it takes you to the main home page. But I want to talk first about the Ramadan planner page. For everyday of Ramadan, the app will let you input whether or not you are fasting, which prayers have you done (inclusive of Taraweeh prayers), and how many Juz’ (chapters), have you read today from the Quran. It also displays one selected Doa, one selected Ayat from the Quran, and one Hadith; all with Arabic text, with the English translation and a brief explanation.

Ramadan Legacy App review

Ramadan Legacy displays one selected Doa, one selected Ayat from the Quran, and one Hadith; all with Arabic text, with the English translation and a brief explanation.


Track your goal progress

The app lets you add some personalized goals that you set for this Ramadan where they will be displayed on the home page. The home page serves like a wall where it eloquently gives you a visual representation of your ramadan experience to track your progress.

Ramadan Legacy App Review

A screenshot of when I was halfway through writing this article!



Let’s not forget all the other cool stuff that you can do on the app.

1) There is a knowledge library where you can read PDF content such as a Ramadan Dua Sheet, Halal Gems- a halal restaurant magazine, and many more.

2) You can add friends or companions who are using the same app.

  3) The Ramadan reflections page, a live stream for people to share their thoughts and reflections for this Ramadan. 4) Lastly, the Ramadan Legacy website has a printable PDF action planner that anyone can download and use this Ramadan.


Can I use this app when it’s not Ramadan?

Nah, it’s not really for any other time besides the fasting month, but it’s really useful for me. Every year I set my goals for Ramadan and they regrettably do die out sometimes after two weeks; much like my new years resolutions. What this app aims to achieve is to keep you on track. Seems like people all over the world are loving it too.  



Ramadan Legacy app is easy to use, but definitely lagging. The UI is quite slow, but the color coding and design are clean and easy on the eyes.

But overall, I say get it!

The app is free and available on both on Google Play for Android smartphones and App Store for Apple smart-phones and tablets, where MashaAllah, it has already had more than 10,000 downloads.

Ramadan Legacy says what it is supposed to do, and because of that my user rating is an impressive 4/5.

Kudos to the guys from Ramadan Legacy, how about that for setting the standards for Ramadan Apps!

With all that said and done, Ramadan Mubarak to all! I’ll leave you with the crowdfunding video that started it all.


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