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Over a year ago, our small team at Urban Hijau came together with the goal of making something special in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. Our team had a common desire to get our hands dirty and teach others in the city the joys of growing your own food. I have written a bit before on the benefits of urban agriculture here. Now, a year later, the results are in and they look pretty good masha Allah.

Urban Hijau is more than just a park or a garden; it’s a living and breathing  example of sustainability, right in the middle of TTDI, Kuala Lumpur. For the  past two years, our Urban Hijau team have worked hard to transform an  unused barren plot into the lush and thriving urban farm you see today.

At Urban Hijau, we strive to showcase the principles of permaculture to the  community. Permaculture is a design method that focuses on using your  resources sustainably and giving as much to the Earth as you take from it.

It has taken a lot of sweat, toil and tears, but we are proud of the results. On  our half-acre plot, we grow a variety of organic fruits, veggies and herbs,  including papayas, bananas, sweet potato, eggplant, roselle, mint, basil,  sugar cane, figs, lime, rice paddy, chili and much, much more.

Our focus is not just farming, but community. Over the past few, we have  organized a number of children tours, guest lectures, special environmental  screening and eco-markets, all open to the wider public. We want to take the  message of being ‘green in the city’ to everyone!

Now, we are asking for your help to take our project to the next level, and help Urban Hijau become the example of sustainability we know it can be!

The Campaign

Beginning this World Earth Day (22 April 2016), Urban Hijau will be launching  the Funds2Farm campaign.

Our goal is generate RM50,000 for improvements and infrastructure work on  the site to allow it to run sustainably and be as public-friendly as possible.  These include:

  • Installing a solar energy system to power the main building housing our classroom, toolshed, restroom and on-site accommodation
  • Expansion of our drip irrigation system towards a more efficient water use
  • Building a gazebo as a shelter for workers, volunteers and visitors on the field
  • Improving access around the site for volunteers and visitors, especially young children

How you can help

If you like what you see and read, join the campaign.

If you wish to pay in Ringgit, please bank-in to the below account. Remember  to send us your receipt by email to

Name of Bank: Maybank


Account Number: 564276524348

If you wish to pay in US Dollars, you may pay through Paypal for the email

With your help, we can make this site something all of the community can be proud of!



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