Hijabis’ Struggle That Only True Hijabis Can Relate

Indeed the struggle is real

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Have you ever wondered how long it takes for hijabis to get ready? The amount of starch they need to apply to their hijab in order to make sure it is on point? The amount of time they take to decide which hijab suits the outfit they’re wearing on that day? Not many people know of the struggles that hijabis have to face. So, here goes some of the struggles!

  1. Getting the ‘hijab hair’

Similar like the ‘helmet hair’, hijabis also get hijab hair! Imagine taking of the hijab after a long day wearing headscarves, and the hair has become flat! That flat-scalp look really is not pleasing even to oneself.



  1. Food being trapped in hijab

Yes people, it does happen. Popcorns got stuck in your hijab. Even the tiny rice from your lunch would sometimes be found hanging on your scarf. Not to forget the oily stains that has become the additional patterns on the hijab.

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  1. Wearing the same hijabs every time

Our brain works in a very mysterious way. No matter how many scarves we have in our wardrobe, we would always wear that same scarf. That one worn-out headscarf that would fit nicely with just EVERYTHING.



  1. Being poked with hijab pins

All hijabis would experience this at least twice in their entire period of wearing hijab.



  1. Involuntary make up remover

Wearing hijab also means you don’t have to worry about wiping off the make up from your face. When we sweat, the hijab would be doing us a favor by absorbing the make up since the scarf tightly hugs our face.


  1. Using earbuds

Who knew plugging in the earphones would cause so much hassle. Well it is for hijabis. Sometimes the earphones need to be worn before putting on the hijab. Or they can be plugged after wearing the hijab. Either way, the hijab would be messy again once we take the earphones out. Some might suggest wearing headphones, but that too would make the scarf messy even the slightest.


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  1. Embarrassing events

Not to mention having to experience embarrassing events! Here are some videos which portray the perfect example.

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So, one of the ways to overcome the struggle is by choosing the right scarf. Find hijabs that are easy to wear and shape. You can also check out the instant hijabs by Lunalulu. They offer lovely instant square and shawl that are suitable to be worn at causal outings and special events. Here is the tutorial video of how to style Lunalulu headscarves.

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All in all wearing hijab can cost a lot of unwanted events. However, the benefits definitely outweigh the struggle. We can present ourselves in a decent way yet still looking professional. And knowing that these small struggles would be worth it at the end of the day and that Allah’s blessing is all that matters.




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