How to Celebrate The International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD)

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Have you ever come across someone who stutters? Did you manage to notice how difficult it is for them to even say one sentence without having to stop for a few seconds?

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Stuttering is one of the many debilitating yet potentially treatable disabilities that one could be having. In this condition, relaying messages would be very challenging. Imagine having so much to say in your head but couldn’t really say it. Not only that they cannot have a proper one-to-one conversation, stutterers would be having a hard time participating in a group discussion. Stutterers have been found struggle both physically and mentally. At some points in their life, they must or could have been laughed at because of their disability. This then would lead to accumulation of embarrassments and frustrations.


There are a few types and degree of stutterers. In some cases, stutterers would stammer on repeated word, sounds or syllables. Some would experience halted speech production and also have rate of speech that is uneven. It is believed that stuttering could be happening due to genetic inheritance, brain injury, development during childhood and family history of stuttering.

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Good news is, some stutterers actually managed to deal with their stuttering. This include some famous people like Hollywood icon, Marilyn Monroe, Australian singer, Harrison Craig who gained a lot of attention when he appeared on the reality television shoe (The voice), and James Earl Jones the voice behind Darth Vader (Star Wars). They all had their ways and techniques in dealing with their stuttering condition. The stories of these people sure inspire and give hopes to other stutterers.

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Many approaches have been taken to tackle this disability. One if it is through influency shaping therapy. This therapy allows the stutterer to have a better control of their jaw, tongue and lips. Other than that, it is believed that their speech can be improved by reducing the stress and anxiety levels. Here are some tips in which a stutterer can have a go with!

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So, what we, as those who are not suffering with this condition can do is, to be more aware of their struggle. Give them encouragement and moral support as much as we can. Learn the struggle and persistence that a stutterer can have, from those real life stories that have been documented in movies such as ‘ The King’s Speech’. This story illustrated how challenging yet inspiring is the journey of King George VI of England, in beating his disability. Now that they have a stutter school, many are actually learning how to overcome the disability.

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We need to remind our families, relatives and friends about this campaign so that people may be more aware, have more respect and assist the stuttering community in any possible ways. Lastly, let’s be the change and offer them the support and encouragement that they need.



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