How to Make a Gift More Special

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Want to know the three simple ways to make someone happy? Try these!

  1. Checking up on our loved ones

Sometimes we get too busy and forgot to catch up with our families and friends. A simple “hey how are you doing” or “I hope everything is going well for you” or “May Allah ease everything for you” would do. You can also say “I love You MUM and DAD and Take Care!”


  1. Greet random people

If you haven’t tried this yet you should! Just make an eye contact with a stranger, smile and say “Hello” or “Good Morning”! You’ll definitely get a good response back! This small gesture could really make someone’s day. Try it today!


  1. Giving a gift

A gift doesn’t necessarily have to be big and grand. It can be a simple thing that is very practical or something that we can look at every day. Giving someone a gift is one of the beautiful ways to show our appreciation or love or simply to make their life easier.


One practical gift that you might consider giving is an air freshener. Check out these perfume inspired air fresheners by!

Image from: Instagram

This would definitely be a good gift for someone! Not only that it will give a wonderful and classy smell to the car, house, and room, it can make someone feel at ease despite the hectic and stressful day.


Interested to get these lovely air freshener? Head to bazaarKITA to shop online through the THiJARI powered by Zilzar Life app. For referencing purpose, THiJARI is the official app for Lembaga Tabung Haji. So, what are you waiting for? Download the THiJARI mobile app for FREE at Google Play or App Store now!

Now here comes the tricky part. Choosing a gift is one thing, wrapping it is another. Instead of just putting the gift in an expensive yet beautiful paper bag, we can make our own lovely wrapper! Check out these videos of DIY gift wrapping crafts!

Video by 5 minutes craft GIRLY

Video by 5 minutes craft GIRLY

Or you can also try making cute DIY gifts! Check out this video by BuzzFeed Nifty!

Video from BuzzFeed Nifty

It’s not that hard right? You can make the gifts more memorable with some sentimental values in them by wrapping them yourself! Give it a go okay!



Content adapted from Life Hacks

By Mirarhyme

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