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Ohayou Gozaimasu minna san! Or should we say Good morning everyone! If you were to have the health, time, convenience and money to travel to Japan, which prefecture would you go to?


Well, for your information, Japan is divided into 8 regions and 47 prefectures in total. And today, we’ll be highlighting about Tokyo, which is comprised within the Kanto region.

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First thing first. Decide on which airline you’re taking and where you’ll land. For this article, the itinerary will begin from the Narita Airport Terminal 2, considering that you chose Malaysia Airlines.

Day 1

Narita Airport Terminal 2 (Arrival Lobby- 1F)

Once you’ve arrived at Narita Airport Terminal 2, you can either choose a baggage delivery service, which will send your bags to your hotel. OR, if you prefer to bring the bags yourself, you can just ask for a baggage storage option instead. Check out this link

You also need to get either a SIM card or rent a pocket Wi-Fi router to stay connected with everyone, especially when you’re travelling with family or when you need to settle some business stuff. Ninja Wi-Fi is one of the best options for Wi-Fi rental, as they have an awesome flat rate, high data capacity and high-speed internet, and can be shared up to 5 people at a time!

Image from Ninja Wifi

Narita Airport Terminal 2 (Railway/Airport Terminal 2Station- B1F)

Next, you should go and get the Japan Rail Pass (if you’re planning on going to Kyoto or Osaka) or simply just the IC card (PASMO or Suica) to travel within Tokyo. This card allows you to use the trains and buses with ease, kind of like our Touch N Go. Even better, they can also be used at certain convenience stores!

Just go down by one level and there you’ll see a lot of counters. Just ask for assistance from the people at the information counter to get to the right counter. Also, if you’re staying at somewhere close to Ueno or Nippori (or those around Shinjuku, Shibuya, Shinagawa, Ikebukuro or Omiya which would require taking a transit from here) you can take the high-speed train, Keisei Skyliner for a much comfortable and quicker option (with the luggage and all). You can either buy the ticket on the spot or book earlier. It’s a bit pricey but a way better option than the possibly cramped and longer journey with the normal Keisei train.

Image from Keisei Skyliner

Shisui Premium Outlet

Well, enough with the card talk, let’s move on to the amazing places! While waiting for the accommodation check-in time (have a look at  Kalahaai Residence at Arakawa for an amazing room for a family of 5), you can go to the Shisui Premium Outlet! You can get a round trip by the direct bus from the airport.

There’s also a prayer room and a delicious halal place to eat there called Café Hannari!

Day 2

All freshen up? Let’s start day 2!

It is highly advisable to plan your journey one day ahead. Use the Google Map to look for trains and buses to take and of course the routes. If you can, find accommodations that are close to convenience stores and big train stations (Nippori, Shinjuku, Ueno) for easy transportation. Also, remember to refer to other websites that show you halal places to eat and places to pray!

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

While you’re in Tokyo, do go to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden (200 Yen for adult entry ticket). The trees and lake are so so pretty mashaAllah! Everything there is Insta-worthy! However, bear in mind that the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is quite huge (a lot of walking) and it has multiple exits.

Image from Mirarhymes Instagram

There are other parks that you can visit too, depending on the seasons and the places that you plan on visiting. Check them out here at Culture Trip.

There’s a halal restaurant nearby too if you want to grab a lunch! The restaurant is called Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka.


From the Shinjuku National garden, you can exit through the Sendagaya gate and walk about 5 minutes to Sendagaya station. Take the train (Chuo-Sobu Line towards Tsudanuma) to Akihabara Station for about 15 minutes. And just within few minutes of walk, you’ll arrive at the anime heaven! It’s where people shop for anime t-shirts, figurines, key chains, comics, CDs, games and more! Just take your time and explore the many shops there!


Before you begin shopping, you can have a delicious curry rice for lunch at Coco Ichibanya, Halal Curry house at Akihabara!


You can also pray at the prayer room provided at LAOX Akihabara Store, which is just within 10-minute walk from the curry house.

Okay! That would be enough walking for the day! You will definitely spend at least 3 hours just at Akihabara and you would be so worn out from walking non-stop since morning, so it would be best to just rest for the day. Especially if you’re bringing your family along.

Day 3


Welcome to Shibuya! You’ll arrive by train at Shibuya Station and just don’t panic! It will definitely be crowded with commuters as it is one of the busiest stations in Tokyo. Take your time to read the signs and look for the correct way to exit the station.

Shibuya Crossing

Take the West Exit at the Shibuya Station and you will see the Shibuya Crossing within a few minutes of walking. Tadaa!Take your time to cross the Shibuya Crossings, as many times you like because you’re not the only one! You will see many people taking pictures and recording a video while they cross the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world!


Just nearby the station, you’ll also see the Hachiko Memorial Statue. Don’t forget to take a picture of it! You can also shop at Shibuya. There are a lot of department stores, malls and shopping streets. Definitely a paradise for shoppers!

Sensō-ji Temple

From the Shibuya station, take the train (Ginza Line) to Asakusa Station. Take your time while walking (about 6 minutes) to Sensō-ji and enjoy the classical setting of Asakusa.

The whole area in Sensō-ji Temple is simply beautiful. There are multiple gates in which you can enter from. You will see a very busy shopping street called Nakamise which stretches over 200 meters. It’s really like the shopping paradise! You can buy Japanese souvenirs, folding fans, rent a yukata, buy local snacks and take tons of pictures!

This is the temple. You can take pictures from outside and up close. You can also see Tokyo Skytree from here.

Naritaya Asakusa

Hungry? Don’t worry! There is a nice halal place to eat called Naritaya Asakusa. They serve varieties of ramen, fried dumplings and rice with chicken or beef. It is a small shop but it is convenient since it has a small prayer room too. Also, you have to wait for a bit for people to finish (because there’ll be a lot of Muslim tourists!)

Ueno Hard Rock Cafe

Well since we are close to Ueno, it would be convenient to go visit (and shop at) the Hard Rock Café Tokyo Uyeno Eki. Just take the train (Ginza Line) at Asakusa Station to Ueno station. Then, walk for a few minutes to the Café. Besides the delicious-looking dishes, the Café has a lot of beautiful T-shirts and hoodie collections at affordable prices.

Day 4

Mount Fuji (Kawaguchiko Lake)

If you’re only staying in Tokyo (not going to Osaka or Kyoto), it would be such a waste to not go see Mt Fuji up close.

There are a number of options on how to get there. Some people take the Highway bus (from Shinjuku station) which will get you straight to the Kawaguchiko Station. Others may drive or take the train instead.

If you’re from Shinjuku station and prefer to take the train, go for the JR Chuo Line train which will stop at Otsuki Station (please be early or reserve a seat or go on weekdays if you don’t want to be standing for the whole 1-hour 30-minute journey). There are various trains available that are of different prices and times and convenience. If you want a slightly quicker and more comfortable yet pricey option, you can go for the JR Chuo Line Limited Express.


Image of Rapid Chuo Line Train from Japan Guide

Image of Local Chuo Line from Japan Guide

From the Otsuki station, you’ll need to take the Fujikyu Railway to Kawaguchiko Station. Just follow the instruction of the person in charge. They will be showing you which platform you should go depending on your type of pass (IC card or cash or something else). Just ask the JR train staff if you’re not sure, they’ll gladly help you!


And once you are there, you can just walk (about 15 minutes) to the lake and the halal restaurant called Alladin Indo Restaurant where they serve delicious Indian cuisine!


At the lake, you can either take the ferry or a speedboat (which can accommodate about 5 to 6 people) as a touring option (prices depend on transport and choice of checkpoints). From there you can take tons of pictures of the lake, the trees and Mt Fuji itself!

Day 5

Odaiba Beach

Also known as Tokyo Bay, Odaiba beach is a man-made beach. From the Shimbashi Station, you will have to take the Yurikamome train to Odaiba-Kaikohen station. This automated new transit train is still new and it sure gives a scenic ride. From the Odaiba station, just walk to the beach and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful view!

Odaiba DECKS Tokyo Beach

This mall is located just within a 10-minute walk from the beach. You can stop by for window shopping and pray at the prayer room at level 5.

Gundam Statue

From the mall, just walk to the Life-sized Unicorn Gundam Statue, which is right next to another mall, Diver City. Shop for Gundam merchandise and Gacha and take as many pictures as you want and if you’re lucky, you will get to watch the short show!

You should also dine in at a Halal Restaurant called Sojibo in the Diver City mall, serving delicious dishes of curry rice, cold and hot soba, chicken cutlets and more!


Visit the cool Science and Technology Museum called Miraikan just within a 3-minute walk from the statue. Check out Asimo the robot, the giant globe-like display and more cool science stuff!


Palette town

This place consists of many attractions and one of them is Venus Fort. It’s a shopping center designed with the 17th Century Europe theme. It has both high-end and standard brands and some shops selling Japanese souvenirs!

Image from Happy Jappy

Day 6

The trip is almost over, too bad. If it’s the day where you would return to your country, you should just relax and just stroll around the huge Narita Airport. There are plenty of shops to visit and spree for souvenirs, perfumes, desserts and more.

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