I Realised I Was Far Away From the Quran After Being Thrown Deep into It

I was longing to enter the ocean of knowledge.

Sitting By the Ocean Reflecting on my Relationship with the Quran
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It’s been many years since I’ve been detached from the Quran. When I came across the Qur’an Intensive course with Bayyinah Institute, I felt a strong pull to attend it. This decision felt like I was just diving into the ocean, not knowing how to swim with barely a life jacket on. I thought I should learn more about the book of the religion that I claim to love and follow. It has been a while since I read anything in Arabic and even when I used to, I was never really a strong reader of the language.

My decision to join the Bayyinah Quran Intensive course may have seem slightly abrupt. Some people have expressed that it may not be the wisest decision and maybe I should brush up on my reading of the Arabic letters first.

I can see how that would have been a wiser thing to do, but fortunately my years of impulsive decision making are not behind me just yet and so I signed up for the course.

I’ve completed the course and can now say with certainty now that it was such an amazing journey. In this course, Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan, has given me a new pair of lens to look at the Quran.

I was once told that to know the Quran one must know Arabic. For the Quran is not the Quran in any other language. They said that Arabic is like watching HD screen TV and English is Black and White TV, and this is why Allah chose Arabic as the language of revelation. Because of how rich the language is.

In my introduction to the grammar of the language, I am starting to see how nuanced the language can be. There is something highly mathematical in how the language works. I would describe learning to read the Quran in Arabic is like doing calculus and writing a symphony at the same time.


It is that elegant.


I am completely lost in translation, for most of the time I have no idea what is going on in class and I admit at times I do feel that I may have made a mistake by jumping on this boat too soon. Ustadh Nouman however, keeps reminding us that this path is a journey of a life time. There will be no finish line in this world once we embark on this path.

My journey with the Quran is merely beginning. As long as I am making progress every other day that is what Allah wants to see, no matter how small it may seem.


What I have gained from Bayyinah is a map in how I should learn Arabic for the purpose of reading the Quran.

Ustadh Nouman shared many gems in this program. One of my favorite stories by him is how the Quran is like the ocean.

It is vast and beautiful. Some people dip their feet in the ocean, some will go in half way, while some can swim in the ocean. There are those who can swim so deep into the ocean that they know where to find pearls and other treasures that the ocean has to offer.

All of them still enjoy the beauty of the ocean, at their own level. The ones who can swim deep into the ocean, even they do not know everything there is to know about the ocean. What they know is limited to the scope where they can dive into.

I felt that my relationship with the Quran before this course was almost non-existent. I was just looking at it from afar, although I have read a translation of the Quran in English. This course made me realize that my knowledge of the Quran is not even a drop in that ocean, and I was just standing by the beach before this, longing to enter the ocean.


Dipping my feet in the ocean


Only now, am I putting my toes into where the waves touches the sand and I am starting to feel the touch of the Quran.

Without Arabic or understanding of it, nobody can really claim to have read the Quran, for in any other language it is merely a shadow of the Quran.

Language is something that we should encourage our children to keep learning. Whatever language that may be. This is because our brain is just meant to be better at learning new things.

What’s your journey like with the Quran? Share with me your stories on how we can keep progressing in this journey.


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