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Nowadays everything is getting much easier and simpler. People prefer things that they can use without much hassle and of course, timesaving. There are products like instant headscarves and 3-in-1 packed hot beverages like coffee and tea. We can also find a lot of prepared food products on the shelves of almost every market.



The highlight of these instant food products is that, people get to save a lot of time while preparing their meals during working or studying days. Instead of having to wake up 2 hours early, now we only need less than 20 minutes to cook our meals. On top of that, they are definitely a healthier option to be consumed rather than the high sodium and MSG content instant noodles like Maggi.




Now, let’s talk about Sudee. Known to be the brand of the World Prominence Sdn. Bhd, Sudee consists of high quality and halal prepared food products. Sudee offers complete seasoning powders that are quick and easy to prepare. With Sudee, you don’t have to worry of being late anymore!


Here are some of the recipes that we can try with Sudee:

Asam Pedas


For those who like sour and spicy dish can try this asam pedas seasoning powder with chicken, beef, or seafood like squid or prawns. We can also add some cut eggplants in the asam pedas.

Noodle in gravy asam pedas


For those who prefer a light meal, you may add in noodles instead!

Curry laksa


Now, even cooking laksa is as easy as cooking Maggie!


Kurma carbonara


Those who have a preference towards fusion cuisines can give it a go with this recipe.


All these recipes are really easy to follow and would only take about 5 to 10 minutes to prepare. Sudee’s seasonings make the dishes look very appetising and they pretty much encourage people to start eating healthy.


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