It’s Hard for Me to Grow A Beard So I Found 4 Other Ways To Be Manly

How man I am does not have to be determined by my beard density.

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The beard is one of the most sought after Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W to Muslim men. It has become quite a religious symbol among Muslim men. Not to mention it is also generally a manly trait to carry with you. Ask any of these celebrities who keep theirs growing, when they’re not shooting a film.

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You can say that the beard is one of the Prophet’s lesson in manliness for men all over the world. So, today we see a lot of Muslim men and boys doing their best to grow and keep their beards.

The beard has proven to be an easy way to prove or show our manly traits. However, if it becomes the only Sunnah we keep a high emphasis on, it can be problematic as it is only one check box on a long list of the Prophet’s Sunnah for men.

Especially for someone like me. It takes ages for me to grow just a goatee. Where does this leave people like me in our religious and manly measure?


Here are some manly lessons from the Prophet S.A.W

1. Suit Up


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The Prophet Muhammad S.A.W was known to have always dressed well. Now this doesn’t mean we must always wear a suit, or Jubah everywhere we go, but being aware of how we are dressed is a good thing. Always ensure it is appropriate for the activity or event we are attending. At least make yourself presentable. You do not, of course, ever want to show up to a hike, wearing a suit and a tie!




2. Wears Cologne

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Smelling like man is something Muhhammad S.A.W had defined for himself as well. He was known to have loved putting on scented oils such as Oud on his garment. In a hot weather like Malaysia, it is extremely difficult to smell like a bouquet of flowers once the sun is out. This is why it is even more essential that we take the necessary steps so that we could smell slightly more decent, by the time the sweat pours down. We need to smell like a man, man. Carrying a bottle of scented oil or perfume spray would be a handy thing to do, in order to keep up with this Sunnah.



3. Cooking and cleaning

Man cleaning the house using a vacuum

Cooking and cleaning, is unfortunately not a famous image amongst Muslim Men. They seem to think that this is a woman’s role and a man should never be seen in the kitchen. The Prophet was a merchant, martial artists, and archer in his life time, but he cooked and cleaned under his own household! This is not a gender specific role for every single person should be able to fend for themselves. To all the man out there, I say we should start kicking it in the kitchen. Get some recipes this weekend and help cook for family, friends, or the community. Take your pick. Let’s go back to this Sunnah and make the Prophet proud.



4. Be Playful

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Being playful is also something that the community of Muslim men have forgotten today. With all the doom and gloom happening around us, it is not helping us when we see our own community getting worked up over every little thing all the time. The Prophet was a playful man when need be. He would use to race with his family, play with children, and tease people when it was appropriate. The Prophet we look up to knew how to have fun. Keeping with the Sunnah is not all about prayers and charity work, it is also about learning to have a good time that is also beneficial to our time.


What do you think about some of these manly lessons from the Prophet Muhammad? Should we be making more campaigns to put more emphasis on these lessons? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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