“Kita Punya Malaysia” – Between The Lines of This Fresh Patriotic Anthem

A revamped patriotic tune dedicated to Malaysia Baharu

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Have you ever heard of the old yet memorable song that was sang by Sudirman, called  “Warisan”? or “Standing In The Eyes Of The World” by Ella. What about “Keranamu Malaysia”, and “Jalur Gemilang”? We’ve definitely have sung that song at least once back when were students.


These are some of the very well known songs which pretty much stick in your head and could leave you feeling simultaneously spirited and teary when you listen to it.

These songs have become like an energy booster for athletes and Malaysian supporters during international sport events, where they represent our country and every single one of us. It also brings back memories as to how Malaysia has managed to still be in one piece given the difficult phases that it has gone through.

To further appreciate our Independence Day, let’s take a moment to reflect upon the patriotic masterpiece produced by the all-time popular Malaysian rock band, Bunkface. The band is famous for their song “Situasi”, “Silly Lily “ and “Through my window”. Conforming to this year’s Independence Day theme: Sayangi Malaysiaku’, Bunkface had produced a song entitled “Kita Punya Malaysia”.



For a start, the song is very catchy and it does rejuvenate the love for Malaysia that we have in our hearts. The song mainly highlights the importance to love Malaysia, rise together in protecting our country, and realizing our ownership of Malaysia and the huge responsibilities that come together with them.

“ Perjuangkan pertahankan tanah airku

Impian aku gemilang baru

Satu suara laungkan (Merdeka!)

Bangkit semua demi negara


Kita Merdeka

Jangan lemah bangunlah

Buat baru semula

Percayalah hari ini

Kita punya”

If we look at the themes for Malaysia’s Independence Day throughout the past 60 years, never once that the word “Sayangi” was used. This year’s logo signifies the unity, togetherness among Malaysians and the love for our country.



When we talk about the word love, it requires sacrifices, efforts, being proactive and principally doing things wholeheartedly. In harmony with the theme, this song is religiously promoting the idea of loving our precious multiracial country.

Sayangi Malaysiaku

Sayangi Malaysiaku

Tanah Airku (Ini Kita Punya)

Sayangi Malaysiaku

Sayangi Malaysia

Satu Suara Laungkan (Merdeka!)

Unlike other songs, this song carries a huge patriotic meaning and could possibly give a spectrum of impact to the listeners. Whether we listen carefully to the lyrics and get inspired and motivated or just blankly listening to the music and gain nothing is up to us. We should, at the very least try to benefit from everything that we do.

So, go check out the song!

Featured image source: Youtube TV3 Malaysia Official

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