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“None so deaf as those that will not hear. None so blind as those that will not see” – Matthew Henry


Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be deaf? The feeling of not being able to listen to any of the music that is being played in the car, not hearing a single sound from the crowd, not hearing if a vehicle is approaching you and the worst is not being able to hear the voice of your loved ones. What a scary world it is for deaf people. Imagine how exciting it would be when they get to hear sounds.

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It must have been tough for the deaf community, considering that not many people are aware about their struggles on daily basis. Some of the struggles that not many people know are, not receiving any announcements at public places and events, difficulty in communicating in dark places and having to rely on physical touch in order to get others attention. They are also always in unrelaxed state because of the sudden approaching movement by those behind them.


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Some people even chose to avoid talking with deaf people, thinking that it will be extremely challenging to communicate with them. However, nowadays more and more people are starting to learn the sign language given that it is getting more accessible. Other than attending classes, we could just learn the sign language through videos on YouTube or documents shared through social media.


Video from:YouTube

Video from:YouTube

Although the very first International Day of Sign Language has passed (23rd September), we should still be more proactive in learning the sign language. Doing so would facilitate our communication with the deaf community and make their world so much brighter. Let’s do our part!


By Mirarhyme

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