Malta, A New European Destination For Muslims

If you want to explore non-Muslim countries then Malta in Europe is one of them.

Malta, New Muslim Destination
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I loved Malta and I was pleasantly surprised! I know many Muslims only visit Muslim countries, and miss out on so much adventure and culture that build your character. I have friends who only go to Muslim countries because of the Halal food. For me personally this is not an issue. Since I live in the West where not every restaurant serves Halal, I don’t restrict myself to only Muslims countries for this.

There is so much more we can see around this world that is not in Muslim countries, we lose so much if we just restrict ourselves. A few years ago when I suggested to a Muslim friend to visit Greece, they said they preferred to go to Turkey because of the availability of Halal food. It’s a personal choice for sure, but they just missed thousand years of history because they were afraid not to find Halal food. Well, actually there is. When I visit non Muslim countries I am happy to choose between fish or a vegetarian option, totally a personal preference but it is there for sure.
If you actually want to explore non-Muslim country then Malta in Europe is one of them. I really fell in love with this small country-island. They have such a great history, great Arab influence in their language and architecture as for years they had Arab Muslims occupying the island.

If you go during the summer you will most likely not be impressed by the loud music and all the “British nakedness” that we see here as well. But I would totally recommend you visit during off-peak season like we did. Because it is so close to Africa, the climate is mild and it has nice weather all year around. It has great Islamic history, 90% of their language is from Arabic origin and have similar words.


Malta has great places to see and hotels to stay. There are actually plenty of Halal restaurants as well and we saw quite a few Muslim tourists as well. There is even a mosque you can pray in if you want. It is in a small village but you can make the effort to meet the local Muslims and pray Jummah with them.


We stayed in the Hilton Hotel in Saint Julian. If you follow my advice on the Hilton Gold Card (membership card) you are guaranteed to get great treatment from the hotel and an upgrade to amazing view and lounge with free food. They were very nice to us, friendly and welcoming. Not even for a moment we felt discriminated against because we were Muslims. Just two minutes walk from our hotel there was a Halal Turkish take way (takeaway) with some great food, and they serve massive portions. Surprisingly there were two fine dining halal restaurants 20 minutes walk down the road.


From the UK and the rest of Europe it is relatively cheap to reach Malta, and from May onwards you can even do so by using Avios (Travel Rewards Programme) on British Airways. If you are looking for a short break then I would totally recommend Malta for a family trip. I would also suggest you rent a car especially if you have children, it is a small island and rentals are not very expensive.


Overall Place: 5/5
Halal Restaurants:Yes
Muslim Friendly: Yes
Location: Yes-over summer it can be a party island, so I would suggest low season visit for Muslim families
Price: Fits every pocket, from Low cost to Luxury


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