Merdeka, Not Just Another Public Holiday

Embracing the true meaning of 'Merdeka' via social media

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Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka!”

Every year, there is this one particular day in which us Malaysians are looking forward to, Malaysia’s Independence Day.

Some of us anticipate the day just to get another day off from work, while some are excited to perform and bring joy to the large crowd of audiences during the once-in-a-year parade. Not many people, particularly the new generations, actually understand and appreciate the true meaning of Merdeka.



One of the ways to attract the young generations to grasp the true meaning of Independence Day is by sharing personal perspectives, experiences and expectations of the day itself.  People nowadays are very active in utilizing the social media either to post stories about them or other people and some actually have them but just prefer to read them.

So, to facilitate the effort in instilling the patriotism in Malaysians, one should make use of the social media in defining the true meaning of Merdeka and how it affects them. Some would find that the day itself make them weep thinking of how hard it was to gain Independence back then, while some would be excited and scared at the same time realizing the responsibilities that they carry as Malaysians in order to maintain the unity. Sharing about historical events and how it affect us both positive and negatively is also a good step. Interestingly, this year’s Independence Day is special since it would be the very first time that we would celebrate the day with the New Government. This change is huge and to some it indicates that Malaysians have become more mature and are willing to leave their comfort zones to achieve what seems to be the best for Malaysia.

Through the most commonly used social media like Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, ideas and opinions are actively being advertised. People tend to be more attracted to stories that are personal since it is a lot more relatable. We tend to find similar backgrounds in the shared stories and somehow get moved by the never before thought perspectives.






Social media is getting so powerful that a donut stall could be well-known in just one day just because people are actively sharing about it. It is very influential to the extent that one would go to Melaka just to buy a “kuih keria”, just because the reviews are good and people keep posting about them. Therefore, maximizing the use of social media in promoting good values ( patriotism) is very much encouraged.


Featured image source: IIUM Today

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