Movies to Watch to Relieve Stress

How movies (with snacking in between) can help lift your mood.

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Feeling stressed? Need something to feel motivated and get inspired? For some people they find comfort and inspiration in music, reading books or even exercising. According to Forbes, out of 1,568 people surveyed, 36% of them said watching televisions or movies help to reduce the stress. Well of course, everyone has his or her own unique ways of coping with stress.


For those who love to get detached from the reality for about 2 hours, and at the same time get really inspirited could try watching these movies!

  1. Forrest Gump

Who here doesn’t know about this movie? This movie is one of the all time favorite movies! Not to mention Tom Hank’s great acting. The interesting fact about this movie is that, it could leave you all teary. Not the sad kind of teary, it’s the touching kind of teary. There’s something special about how Forrest lives his life. His character illustrated many interesting life lessons such as listening to your heart, treating everyone equally (with love and respect), cherishing true friendships, learn to expect the unexpected (by being open minded because we don’t know which door will open), believing in love, putting the past behind and working harder than the average person.

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  1. 3 Idiots

Other than Forrest Gump, here is another inspiring movie. Besides being inspiring, this blockbuster Hindi movie is also funny, witty and sad at the same time. It touches on important life lessons that we actually know but sometimes or most of the times, fail to implement them in our life. Some of the interesting lessons that this movie showed are applying the knowledge that we’ve gained, facing our fears, realizing that marks or recognition are not the only thing that students or workers should look for, making our loved ones happy, the worthiness of true friendships and being innovative in dire situation!

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  1. The Pursuit Of Happiness

Now this story can really make you weep. It also would really make you inspired. The pursuit of happiness really showed the true meaning of chasing after your dreams and holding on to your beliefs. The role of Chris Gardner, played by Will Smith, clearly shows perseverance, faith and lots and lots of courage. Some lessons that can be gained are raising a child alone is very tough, being poor should not stop us from being what we want, realizing that life can be really hard on us and lots more.

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  1. Eddie the Eagle

Sometimes we get more inspired through true stories. Eddie the Eagle is a great movie to watch to feel motivated. He is the famous British ski jumper who is known for his extraordinary strong determination in becoming the world-class Olympian skier. Some of the great lessons that we can take are, it is never too late to start something, not to give up even if people around us tell us we can’t do it, defending your dream and not to compare ourselves with anyone else!

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  1. Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Here is another great Hindi Movie that had touched the hearts of many people. This movie was a big hit indeed. Some of the things that we can learn are that true love don’t have borders (how Bajrangi sacrificed and tried really hard to get Munni back to Pakistan), knowing that common people too can be powerful, and to stick to the truths at all times.

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  1. The Croods

The Croods is a very funny yet heart-touching movie. This movie is suitable for all ages and is very relatable to our lives. Some of the interesting lessons that we can get are that parents are not always right; sometimes parents worried about their children too much that they restrict them with unreasonable rules which could eventually hinder their growth, seeing things in others perspectives, realizing that facing our fears would help those around us, and to have the courage to really believe in ourselves.

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  1. Wreck-It Ralph

This too is a great animated movie with great lessons. This story is simple, entertaining yet could really touch our hearts. One of the lessons we can take is that sometimes the things that we are desperate of are not for the best. It also teaches us to stop comparing our lives with others because we don’t know their full story. Wreck-It Ralph highlights the need to  appreciate those around us, stepping out of our comfort zones in order to grow, and that our pasts don’t really determine our future!

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