Meet the Designer: Muna Abu Sulayman

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A woman, mother, business leader and traveler, Muna created her eponymous celebrity fashion line out of the evident need for more modest clothing. In 2010, the Muna AbuSulayman fashion brand was born into a luxurious collection of tops, dresses and scarves based on Muna’s personal style and aesthetic. It represents all things that she loves about fashion and how she mixes it to create her own unique style.

For the ascertaining woman who loves elegance without the world’s idea that you have to show so much skin, the collections consist of styles you want to wear everyday and on special occasions. The brand is defined by Muna’s innate sense of style which features a playful juxtaposition between glamour and comfort. There is always a mixture of classic and modern elements with only the finest materials. Whether you’re looking for a vacation-feel, office focused look, or an evening extravagance, Muna’s designs are made to impress…the modest way.

Growing into a full collaborative effort with extensive retail sales and regional growth, the Muna AbuSulayman fashion brand is a lasting glamorous endeavor with timeless styles. Chosen by all women looking for glamour and modesty, Muna AbuSulayman has become the go-to brand for a symbol of exceptional elegance.

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This article was originally published on Creative Ummah.

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