Muslim YouTubers You Need To Check Out!

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The interwebs is full of all kinds of people… Some awesome, some less than awesome. Luckily for you, we have found some of the coolest cats who regularly keep us entertained, informed, and up to date with all kinds of rad stuff.


Yousef Saleh Erakat, known more commonly by his stage name, fouseyTUBE, is a Palestinian American entertainer, motivational speaker and online celebrity. Yousef creates and produces awesome comedy sketches, pranks and vlogs for his YouTube channel, but it is not all light hearted fun and games, he also tackles important social issues in order to breakdown some common stereotypes and misconceptions.

Check out Yousef’s full Creative Ummah profile here.



Saima Chowdhury is a sassy fashionista, youtuber and blogger from Birmingham, UK. Her blog and videos feature a multitude of awesomeness, ranging from her thoughts on the latest fashion trends, hilarious tips and tricks for the inner make up artists, health advice with a twist of hilarity and beauty regimes. Here is some of her classic fashion advice on how to get the perfect ‘look’ this season.

Check out Saima’s full Creative Ummah profile here.


Baba Ali

Ali Ardekani, known on the interwebs as Baba Ali, is an Iranian-born American comedian, games developer, businessman and actor. Ali has most definitely become one of the most well known Muslim internet celebrities with a very unique, edgy, and entertaining style that never ceases to hit the mark. Ali does not beat around the bush and tells it like it is. He uses his platform raises awareness about the beauty of Islam and breakdown common misconceptions though his light hearted and comedic style to millions world wide.

Check out Ali’s full Creative Ummah profile here.


AsoOmii Jay

Assma Galuta is a fashion designer, blogger and YouTube star best known by her fans as Asoomii Jay. Assma has a North African background but identifies as herself as culturally Canadian and was born and raised in Ottawa. She is an activist, blogger, model, and designer who is currently studying Psychology with a minor in Religion Studies. Her YouTube videos challenge common stereotypes and help to elevate truth, beauty and positivity.

Check out Assma’s full Creative Ummah profile here.



EMKWAN is officially the raddest YouTuber to hit the Emirates and According to Esquire Magazine is the “UAE’s leading video blogger,” Gulf News has dubbed him “A UAE based personality making a mark in digital and online.” Look out UAE, EMKWAN has landed. Originally from the UK, but now based in Abu Dhabi, EMKWAN is highly active online and is also amongst a group of influential individuals on social media in the Middle East taking the region by storm.

Check out EMKWAN’s full Creative Ummah profile here.


Dina Tokio

Dina Torkia, known online as Dina Tokio, is a fun, fresh and funky stylist, blogger and vlogger. Her quirky personality shines through in her videos, as she takes you on adventures through Turkey, Indonesia, the UK and anywhere else she might happen to be. Her videos are filled with fashion tips, hijab tutorials, travel vlogs and all round awesomeness as the self-confessed ‘style hauler’, keeps her audience entertained with each epic upload.

Check out Dina’s full Creative Ummah profile here.


Mohamed Zeyara

Mohamed Zeyara was born in Canada and raised in Gaza. He is an activist, public speaker, film maker and Youtuber, currently based in Toronto, Canada. He is best known for his online educational and motivational videos. Most of his knowledge is acquired from the 8 years of experience living in Gaza City during his adolescence. His videos have been watched by millions of Muslims and non-Muslims across the world. Inspiring youth with motivational and inspiring stories. 

Check out Mohamed’s full Creative Ummah profile here.


The original version of this article was written by Reuben Brand and first published on Creative Ummah.

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