Newsfeed Negativity? You Need The Muslimy App

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The team at Gould.Sydney have created an awesome new must-have app, Muslimy. It brings together fresh and inspiring content being created by and about Muslims from all over the world.

People may often feel out of the loop with all the wonderful and positive things that are going on in the world, which can be drowned out by lots of negativity. Muslimy makes sure that you won’t miss out on any of the awesome things that are happening, being written, photographed, drawn, filmed, and more, by Muslims and/or about Muslims from pretty much everywhere.


Muslimy has taken a minimalist approach to the design to ensure that the content is the focus. You can flip through ’tiles’ of selected content, which are limited in number every day so that you can focus on doing what needs to be done without getting too distracted. You can also share interesting tiles on your various social media accounts, or save your favourite pieces to the app for future reference.



Did I mention it’s free? Yep, it’s available for free download from the App Store, DOWNLOAD HERE!

(Sorry Android users, I’m told the Android version will be available end of April.) If you want to be the first to know when it’s available on Android, head on over to and register your interest!

Want your content to appear on Muslimy? Send an email to with the subject “Get Me On Muslimy” and the team from Muslimy will get back to you.

*This is a sponsored post*


This article was originally published on Creative Ummah.

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