Nighttime Beauty Routine That Will Change Your Life

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Salaam beauties! Who is dying for that clear glowy baby face? I know I am and for me that is more important than any makeup look out there. My natural face is what I wear at all times and it is my canvas for applying makeup; the clearer the canvas the less to cover up.

Major skin issues are acne, acne scars, dark spots, sunspots, age spots, dark circles, and hyperpigmentation. Reasons for these skin problems are not only because of hygiene but also come from eating habits and hormonal issues. Today I just want to focus on the hygiene part and in the next blog posts I will discuss how eating habits and hormonal issues affect your skin.

Today, I am going to share what I believe, to be the most important part of beauty up-keep and that is completely cleaning and prepping your face for bed. An average person sleeps between 6-8 hours and just that can do wonders for your skin.


1. Wipe off makeup

I like to wipe off my makeup with Johnson and Johnson or Neutrogena face wipes. Some makeup is oil-based so even if you were to wash with soap and water it will not completely come off. Plus these wipes are great for removing even waterproof mascara.

2. Wash face with cleanser

I like to use a foam facial cleanser. I feel like it lathers so well and it grabs and dissolves dirt on my face. My favorite all time cleanser that I don’t think I will every trade for anything in the world is Ponds Antibacterial Facial Foam. Not only is it a foam cleanser its also an antibacterial cleanser, which kills any bacteria that might have caught onto your face during the day. And to add to its amazingness it doesn’t really dry out your face. I seriously love it!

3. Apply acne cream

Sometimes from time to time I will get a pimple here and there especially around my cycle time, something I really can’t control. If I do have a pimple I apply a dot of prescription acne cream called Acertin. This is actually made in the UAE and is the generic version of Retin-A and you will never guess how much it cost! Only 17aed, which is equivalent to 5$!! I also like to apply a pinch of it and just rub all over my face. What this does is help cell turnover and continuously producing a fresh layer of skin. It is also great to apply in areas where you feel like your skin is hollow or wrinkly. It just increases the production of cells and fills in the area reducing the appearance of fine wrinkles. It is honestly amazing and my biggest secret ever!

4. Apply cream for dark spots

Something I also suffer from is hyperpigmentation. As you girls may have already read in my previous post on, “How to get a lighter and even skin tone.” So, I have small dark spots all over my skin, either from the sun or just acne scars. After I started using Pigmanorm my dark spots reduced tremendously. The active ingredient in this product is hydroquinone. It reduces melanin production in order to lighten your skin. The other active ingredient is tretinoin, which helps peel off the layer of dark skin in order to bring in a fresh layer. That’s really how your dark spots go away. It is an extremely powerful cream and must be used carefully. Just a dot will go a long way. If you apply too much you will have patches of red peeling skin. So, I just apply a tiny bit on my dark spots around my face. The area I really focus on is my chin. I have noticed amazing results on my cheek and forehead. However, my chin is just still really stubborn! Going to keep trying then I will have to try something else.

5. Moisturize skin

After I have washed and cleansed my face and applied any necessary creams I moisturize my face with 100% pure organic Argan oil. Can I say oh my Goodness it is so amazing. My skin feels sooo smooth and soft after I use it. And for me I usually break out if I apply any sort of oil on my skin. It feels so light! I wake up to a super soft glowy face! Highly recommend. Just make sure its 100% pure organic. Anything mixed with it will probably make you break out.

6. Apply oil for lashes and brows

Ok, I have the most boring eyelashes ever! They are pin straight  and do not curl for anything and they are short L. Anyhow, I did some research and found castor oil maybe the answer. Some people got some great results. So, what I do is use an old mascara brush and just dip it into my castor oil and apply like regular mascara. I also rub the oil into my skin and lash line to get the blood circulating and maybe my hair follicle to wake up and grow my lashes! I then apply a thin layer of castor oil on my eyebrows using the mascara brush. The older you get the thinner your eyebrow hair gets, so I thought I would start taking care of them now! And for my eyebrows I have honestly noticed a difference they are starting to look thicker and darker J I just hope I see some results with my lashes! Will keep you girls updated!

7. Apply lip balm

My last step is for my lips! I apply a moisturizing lip plumper that I have made from scratch! You can buy empty containers from sephora. It is soo amazing and everyone that has tried it has fell in love with it! I apply it daily before bed and have noticed my lips have become pumpler and flush! Super soft and moist! Anyone interested in how I made it? Comment below to get the ingredients for it!


And that’s a wrap on my everyday nighttime beauty routine for my face only! There is still more but I will just have to save the rest for another day! Stay tuned for other beauty tips and secrets from Muslimah! Follow me on instagram for daily tips @muslimahlife.


The original version of this article was first published on Muslimah Life

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