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Creative Ummah


From Indonesia to Istanbul and everywhere in between, our global community has the passion, drive and ability to create an incredibly bright future. Creative Ummah is about connecting and showcasing the amazing people who are driving that positive change with creative thinking and illuminating our world with artistic beauty.



According to Hind

According To Hind


I’m Hind Touissate, 25, a global citizen, award-winning blogger and founder of BETA Changemakers. I am a 25 year old global citizen born in Morocco.

Love To Dress


For the Muslim woman who’s tired of wearing a tent, you are in good hands. We make beautiful dresses and that is the essence of what we do, but it hardly tells the whole story.

love to dress

Muslim Travel Girl Logo

Muslim Travel Girl

United Kingdom

MuslimTravelGirl is a blog designed to help and educate Muslim travellers on how they can save money, travel more and experience some of the best things the travel industry has to offer. Because it is possible to explore the world without breaking the bank.

Halal Food Hunt


We don’t want a day when we are forced to eat non-halal just because there are insufficient halal options around. We make it our mission to point consumers to halal options, so that the choice for our community is always there.

halal food hunt logo

halal media japan

Halal Media Japan


Halal Media Japan is the world’s first Japanese Halal portal site available in English. Our philosophy is to introduce Japanese Halal to those, who require Halal, such as Muslims, and to contribute to the international community. We aim to play a part in helping Japan become one of the world’s leading Muslim-friendly nations, despite Muslims being a minority in Japan.

Ihssan Tahir


Living in Chicago and raised by an African American mother and a Kurdish stepfather, she has a broad perspective of the world. She has globe trotted from Switzerland to Bangladesh. Her most recent trip involved reuniting with her long lost family for the first time in Northern Sudan. Her candid blog, MuslimNLove.com revolves around her husband hunting endeavors and relationship tidbits.

ihssan tahir


Shamsydar Ani

Shamsydar Ani


Shamsydar Ani is a full-time photographer, wanderluster and foodie. She struggles between her insatiable hunger for good food and her commitment to the gym. She spends her weekends photographing for www.shamsydarani.com and her weekdays cooking up a storm for www.halalfoodhunt.com. Occasionally, she shares her cooking escapades and travel adventures at www.sharmeee.com.

Mirror Mag


MIRROR is an independent online lifestyle magazine, designed for the Muslim youth in Singapore. A bi-monthly publication based on the Islamic Calendar, MIRROR strives to share Islamic content, aiming to be the stepping stone for readers in their pursuit in seeking Islamic knowledge.

Mirror Mag


Fadhilah Wahid

Fadhilah Wahid


Fadhilah Wahid is a seeker of knowledge, a writer, and a web designer. She writes on her own site and other online publications like Productive Muslim. Subscribe to her personal letters for writings not published anywhere, as well as for updates on projects she’s working on. She believes in the magic that can happen when like-minded individuals come together, biiznillah!

The Fiqh Of Social Media


A Faith-Based Guide to Navigating the Social Media Lifestyle. We need a resource that helps us successfully navigate this new culture we live in. For the first time in history, we have an abundance of friendships and relationships with people we have never met. We have a generation of ‘digital natives’ growing up that have never seen a world without a smartphone or social media. We must adapt to the rapid changes around us – and the best way of doing that is falling back on the timeless principles from our own faith tradition and learn how to practically apply them in this era.

Fiqh of Social Media Founder, Omar Usman

Muslimah Life


A passionate Muslimah who loves catching up on trends in fashion, beauty and health and hopes her knowledge empowers women to become modest leaders in both western and eastern societies.



Discover the beauty of #offbeattravel. We bring you stories worth telling of Singaporeans abroad


Backyard Mosques


An initiative by 2 university students , Ismail and Hamzah, who have the passion for photography and also to give back to the community. Being Muslims in this cosmopolitan city, it has come to our attention that the vast majority of our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters know little or nothing at all of the different yet beautiful mosques that available in Singapore. Therefore, this page serves as a platform to provide a different perspective on how we view mosques and hopefully instill the love to constantly go to the mosques.



Some street style scenes as you’ve never seen it before and all things girly!

Islamic Fashion & Design Council (IFDC)


Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) is the world’s leading modest fashion and design council representing the Islamic economy and its stakeholders. With offices in 7 countries and growing, our platform is designed to ensure the success of Islamic fashion and design in the global marketplace as we facilitate the growing demand by consumers. IFDC has made historic deals with global entities which will ensure openings for industry players that were only open to mainstream fashion players until now.