Overcoming Depression With Faith

Bring your friends closer to Allah.

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Most of us understand the psychological and emotional harm that arise from constantly exposing ourselves to negative social and personal environments. We are able to decide for ourselves on limiting interactions with negative people and ending toxic relationships to obtain peace. For those who are strongly rooted in faith, the best way to seek peace is by turning to Him.

But how about friends who lack faith but need help? Those who are suffering from depression but have no one to turn to? How do you share with them the beauty of Islamic values and assist them in restoring their faith? These are a few guidelines that may be helpful. 


Find The Root Cause


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The best way to understand is to ask. You would know your friend better than most mental health professionals. So, when you feel something is amiss, ask them these questions:


Are you okay?


When did you first start to feel bad?


Why are you under stress?


Never ignore them and help solve the riddle of their symptoms. Consider what could be the root of their depression, be it psychologically, emotionally, or spiritually.


Help To Reduce Stress



Stress is a significant contributor to depression. Stress interrupts healthy coping strategies which makes a person more vulnerable to mood swings. You can help your friend by identifying the source of stress in their lives and brainstorm about ways to reduce it.

For example, your colleague is stressed out with piles of works and chasing tight deadlines. Be a good friend and offer to help with his workload or bring him some snacks or share with him a piece of Dua for peace and comfort of the heart.





Do Not Leave Them Alone



Make time for your friend especially for those in need. Invite them out and do calming things together like have a good meal at a nice cafe, take a stroll at the park or attend an Usrah at a local mosque. Try not to let your friend be alone because most of the time, they will end up overthinking and just drown themselves in their thoughts. This will eventually lead to stress and depression.


Remind Them To Not Miss A Prayer


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A person’s main connection with Allah, on a daily basis, is through the five times prayer a day. Emphasize on the direct connection one has with Allah in prayer. If your friend is facing a problem, tell him to pray, and to ask Allah for help and guidance in the prayer. When possible, make it a point to pray together during the hang out session.



Remind Them Of Allah’s Blessings


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While spending time together, remind them on the beauty of life. Try to make them see the wonderful things that they have and not to only focus on the sadness. Share stories of how Allah rewards those who are strong, patient and faithful. Remind them that Allah always knows best:


لَا يُكَلِّفُ اللَّهُ نَفْسًا إِلَّا وُسْعَهَا

Allah does not charge a soul except (with that within) its capacity. [Al-Baqarah, 2:286]



By: Suraya Sidek



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