Ramadan Reflection: Muhammad, Man of Love

It was his love that moved people, it wasn't through shaming or policing one’s every move.

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This Ramadan, I’ve been reflecting on love and how that translates into my life.

I have lived life with perceiving love with only what my eyes can see. This is why I tend to get easily frustrated with setbacks in my life and at times, shy away from continuing life’s journey.

I think it has something to do with the lack of sincerity and love in my heart.

In order to learn to love with more than just what my 5 senses perceive, I must learn to see beyond these senses. The love that’s beyond our senses is something that we can find in the love of God.

Seeing God, is not something that we get to do with our eyes, we need to open our heart up to receive such a love. That practice can be translated to people and how we see them.

I’m currently reading Muhammad: His Life Based On The Earliest Sources by Martin Lings. As I begin this read, the first few pages  confirmed how I’ve always suspected Muhammad to be like.

He was a man who loves with his heart above everything else and he truly sees the world around him with his heart.

Imagine Neo being the only one who sees the Matrix as it is, this is probably what I imagine seeing with our heart would be like.


Muhammad was a man who was in awe and in love with his Lord and Creator. That is why he saw people for their souls and not just for their external forms.

He once said to his companions that he wished he could meet his brethren but his time on earth was almost up. His companions were shocked to hear this and asked the Prophet were they not his brethren. Muhammad replied by saying that his brethren would come from those who have not met him but believed in his message.

He was referring to the people of the end of time and I pray that we are all on the list of people who will practise the same love he had for humanity.

He knew that the end of time would be a trying time, and those who manage to love are those with an amazing soul.

Martin Lings’ Muhammad: His Life Based On The Earliest Sources truly captured the spirit of the man who carried the seal of prophethood. This mission was not a smooth ride at all.

When Muhammad first started preaching the message of One God, he lost a lot of his worldly comforts.

People whom he had trusted before turned their backs on him. Some of his closest relatives insulted him in public with the intent to break his spirit.

Words, as we know, are sharper than swords and can cut through hearts

How was it that he managed to carry on his life’s mission and forgave so many that wronged him?

He lived seeing with his heart, not his eyes.

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He knew there was good in everyone and everyone carried a certain pain within. Those who were extremely rough towards him, he saw their internal suffering.

It was his love that moved the people. It wasn’t through debates, shaming, or policing people’s every move.

It was simple acts of kindness like:

  • holding a brother’s hand while talking to him
  • not saying a word when an old lady was insulting him without knowing who he was, when he was helping her carry groceries
  • allowing cats to fall asleep on his prayer rug and not waking them up
  • telling a Harlot how she too could find a good man if she was willing to search

These were the things that really won the people’s hearts.

So, for us to truly love, we need to see the world with our hearts, and not with our eyes.

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