This Halal Malaysian Steakhouse Serves Affordable Yet Incredibly Satisfying Meals

NY Steak Shack is the place to be!

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It doesn’t take much for a steakhouse to make us happy; properly cooked meat and and some good old thick gravy will do the trick. But GREAT steakhouses are rare. NY Steak Shack (NYSS) is one of them and they have been around for 4 years now since they first opened in Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur.

We guarantee that whoever takes a peep at the NY Steak Shack’s cool dining room will instantly want to eat here. The décor is heavily influenced by, well New York of course. It gives off rugged and industrial feels that immediately transport you to a café in New York. While the ambiance is comforting, NYSS retains its signature chic steakhouse vibes with emphasis on leather and wood seating along with the exposed brick walls.



We were very lucky to be invited for reviewing their new menu launch of Sizzling Lamb Sensation recently. Upon arriving, we were seated at the corner left of the restaurant which allowed us to view the spacious landscape of the place, almost. At the peak of lunch time, customers just kept coming and flooding the place.

So let’s get the train going! (Warning: Photos of delicious food ahead. DO NOT read on while hungry :P)


Lamb Noisette



We started off with the ‘King of The Crowd’, the Lamb Noisette set which consists of three mouth-watering rolled boneless lamb. This is a perfect dish to entertain with and is definitely a real crowd pleaser. If you’re curious about ‘noisette’, here’s a fun fact about it 


The noisette is a French cut and literally means ‘little nut’ or ‘kernel’.

According to Adam Mah, the ever accommodating Brand General Manager:

“The lamb noisette is made from the eye muscle of the lamb’s loin, which is in the lumbar region also known as the saddle. It is a lean and flavoursome cut of meat.”

Flavoursome? INDEED! As you take a bite into it, you’ll definitely be on cloud 9. At only RM51.79, the meat was unapologetically tender that it melts in your mouth with all its rich juices oozing! 🤤 🤤 🤤


Sizzling Lamb Noisette & Chicken Cevapi



The next entrée served to us was the Sizzling Lamb Noisette and Chicken Cevapi. Those who are craving for a meal that has a combination of lamb and chicken can opt for this.

The chicken cevapi is basically a pure and skinless chicken sausage. We took our first bite of the cevapi and the pillowy soft chicken meat and bursting chicken juices tingled our tastebuds with the fragrant spices inspired by the Middle East 😍 This is an affordable set priced at only RM48.02 that will surely make you craving for more.


Sizzling Lamb Noisette & Garlic Shrimps



If you are crazy over shrimps, enjoy the Lamb Noisette & Garlic Shrimps set at only RM49.91. Although honestly in our opinions, this set does not stand out compared to the rest, it is still a real nice addition in the menu especially for seafood lovers.


Sizzling Lamb Noisette & Smoked Beef



For the red meat lovers, the Lamb Noisette & Smoked Beef set is simply the perfect choice at only RM48.02. The delicious smoked beef taste is similar to beef bacon which are usually found in a typical American breakfast, only that this version is less chewy and a lot juicier 🤩


Thirst Quenchers of The Day



Good meals come must be accompanied with good drinks. We were also treated to a variety of Milkshakes, three to be exact that complemented our meals. The new heavenly NYSS milkshakes comprised of the lip-smacking Brownies Milkshake, the comforting Red Velvet Milkshake and the highly enjoyable Oreo Milkshake at only RM13.11 each.


Overall Food Quality and Yumminess ⭐⭐⭐⭐

What is a meal without the right balance? The topping of crispy garlic flakes added not only an extra kick to the dish but also reduced the gamey taste/smell of the lamb and lightened the meaty and hearty taste. 

The gravy served together with the meat was the homestyle black pepper sauce. Made from premium black pepper from Sarawak (according to Adam), the gravy enhanced the taste of the meat 🥩 with its viscosity being just nice, not too thick and not too runny.

Generally, the food was really good. Adam emphasized in making sure that the quality of the Lamb Noisette, the star of the show is optimum with the price. Affordable luxury as he says, and the lamb does live up to our expectations.


Customer Service ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The service was efficient as the servers were quick to take our orders. NYSS also provides plastic bips for everyone to wear to avoid the mess of food grease on your clothes. Our creative designer, Luqman had trouble wearing his bip and the waitress came over and helped him out. That was truly a funny experience because he was the only ONE struggling to wear it right 😂 However, the service was excellent with the server’s aid in making sure that he won’t get the mess on his clothes.

All in all, we had a wonderful experience dining at NY Steak Shack, Sunway Velocity Mall. The interior and ambiance transported us to New York, the service was lovely, and of course the food was irrevocably satisfying. As for the price, well to quote Adam Mah, it is indeed an “affordable luxury”.




Currently, there are 10 NYSS outlets located in the Klang Valley:

  1. Mid Valley, KL
  2. Sunway Pyramid, Subang Jaya
  3. IOI City Mall, Putrajaya
  4. One Utama, Petaling Jaya
  5. Subang Parade, Subang Jaya
  6. AEON, Shah Alam
  7. Sunway Velocity Mall, KL
  8. Alamanda, Putrajaya
  9. SOGO, KL
  10. Melawati Mall, Ampang


You can also try other NYSS signature offerings which are Sizzling Ribeye Steak, Towering Burgers, and Banana Milkshake!


But most importantly, all food items served at NYSS are definitely HALAL certified.




By: Suraya Sidek

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