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Monday Blues? Not anymore!

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Guess what, it’s the “favorite” day of the week! Monday has never been an interesting day to most people, except when it falls on the first day of work, date with loved ones, graduation days or wedding days. The condition ‘Monday Blues’ is commonly experienced by people of different ages. It makes people feel so lazy, gloomy and demotivated when it comes to Monday.


If each day is a gift, I’d like to know where to return Mondays!”
― John Wagner


Well, it’s probably because Monday is the first day of working of every week, breaking the mood of work-free weekends. Not to forget the anticipated restlessness.



Just like eating ice cream when it’s hot outside, eating fried chicken when you feel like cheating on your diet, sleeping in past noon on weekends just to make up for all the mornings you wake up on weekdays, buying unnecessary stuff simply because you are stressed, you can make Monday less painful!



One way is to pamper yourself with natural and aromatic body care products. Why bother going to the spa when you can have your own spa at home? The best thing about spa is that you get to feel relaxed and have all the time to yourself, accompanied by aromatherapeutic fragrances. With Serasi, you can have smooth and luscious skin! Serasi offers a wide range of chemical-free and sensitive skin friendly products. Check them out at Serasi.




Firstly, we can start with rinsing your body with either cold/warm water.

Then start applying this beautifully scented body scrub all over your body and moderately scrubbing your body focusing on your tummy, thigh area, face and neck to remove the dirt and dead skin cells. By using the coffee scrub, which has a combination of coconut oil, organic honey and cinnamon powder, your skin will be smooth and glowing.

The use of body scrub should then be complemented with lotion to keep the skin moisturised. You can use the lotion bar which will leave your skin smelling like ylang-ylang.



There is a legit reason as to why pampering ourselves is important. It could help us recharge and refresh ourselves in order to be perfectly healthy both mentally and physically. Indulging ourselves in a pleasing, flowery and natural smell would definitely make us feel at ease.



Now that we know that we could curb our stress and lift up our mood with spa-at-home therapy, there will definitely be no room for Monday Blues to creep in!


To those who are interested in getting these awesome body care products by Serasi, you can shop online at bazaarKITA through the THiJARI powered by Zilzar Life app. For the record, THiJARI is  the official app for Lembaga Tabung Haji.


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