The Best Yet Simple Picnic Snacks

Simplicity at its best

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Psst! Want to know what’s the secret of having the BEST picnic? The answer is….keeping everything simple and practical! Sounds cliché right?


When we go for a picnic, we would definitely bring more than 1 type of dish. The main course, appetizers and sometimes desserts.

Preparing the foods and drinks is one thing, packing them is another thing! We should consider keeping everything in the small and air-tight container. Other things like storage condition (cold), extra plates and cups, waste plastics and picnic mat should be brought. These are particularly important when we go out for a picnic with a big group of family or friends.

Check out these easy-to-follow and helpful outdoor food hacks!

 Video from: Youtube

Video from: Youtube

You can also try bringing these easy picnic meals!

Video from: Youtube

Now, if you prefer to bring just one dish that can be enjoyed with rice and bread, you can bring these dried chili anchovies (Crispy Sambal Bilis) from Bisek Bisek! These anchovies are healthy and are even suitable to be consumed for moms who just gave birth. Yummy! You can have them just like that! Bet you and your family and friends would love it.

Image from: Bisek Bisek Blog

Still in doubt? Check out this video!

Video from: Youtube

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Image from: Bisek Bisek Blog

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