The Future is Female!

These tech companies in Malaysia are driven by women.

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What was once a male-dominated industry, the world of technology today sees an emergence of influential women entering tech by storm. Many women have taken it upon themselves to engage others in a number of initiatives with the goal to advance women in the tech field. In Malaysia, female-driven tech organisations are booming and substantially making an impact. 



Girls in Tech Malaysia

Created in 2007, Girls in Tech (GIT) was founded in Silicon Valley by Adriana Gascoigne. GIT Malaysia is led by Nadira Mohd Yusoff, a tech entrepreneur who realized the lack of female participation in this industry. GIT Malaysia provides a framework to assist women to boost their careers in technology and entrepreneurship.




According to Nadira, female participation is prominent in the tech field for their unique perspectives. A man would approach a problem differently than a woman would. Hence, this inclusion is vital to achieve a new kind of outlook and creativity.



Women Who Code

Also known as WWC, this organisation which originated from San Francisco was established to inspire women to excel in technology careers. In Malaysia, WWC started its venture in 2014 and set its nest in the heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.




WWCKL has organised over 20 events hosted by tech companies within the Klang Valley. After receiving much recognition, they have shifted their focus to engaging with like-minded people – ladies who are in tech (preferably coders) and love to give back to the community. Coding is really complex especially for the beginners, so girls who can code are simply amazing!



Rails Girls KL

Founded in Helsinski, Finland, 2010, Rails Girls is a global movement across 160 cities worldwide. The KL chapter was founded in 2014 and other cities like Kuching and Penang have since followed suit.



RGKL strives to make technology more convenient for women. They provide workshops for women to familiarise themselves with technological tools and community. This approach assists women in understanding technology and building their ideas. By participating the workshops, women will get the chance to learn sketching, prototyping and the basics of programming. Aren’t you tempted to try?

Taking a cue from Beyonce, “Who run the (tech) world? GIRLS!”

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By: Suraya Sidek

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